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YouTube Says Videos Won’t Get Removed For Too Many Flags

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Flags won’t remove you tube videos.
YouTube won’t remove videos with too many flags

Videos are not automatically removed from You Tube or channels penalized for receiving a certain number of flags. The same review process is applied to all content. In an interview with YouTube’s trust and safety team, Matt Koval learned of the company’s policy on flagging videos repeatedly. You Tube community guidelines can be violated by flagging a video. YouTube users can flag videos they watch by clicking on the three-dot menu icon and choosing “Report.” They are then prompted to select a reason for reporting the videos by choosing from one of the choices below. All videos flagged for violation are reviewed anonymously. In policy assessments, flags are not taken into account. No matter how many flags a video receives, it goes through the same review process. Videos with many flags will likely undergo more scrutiny than those with fewer flags, but YouTube’s team of content reviewers will nonetheless evaluate them.

Youtube policies:

A YouTube video cannot be removed for being reported X times if there is no system in place that will do that. YouTube takes quick action if a video is found to be violating its guidelines. You can age-gate the video, remove it entirely, or even terminate the whole channel that published the video. All reported videos are reviewed by YouTube’s review team, which is a good thing for creators because it prevents videos from being taken down for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, viewers flag a video not because it breaks a policy, but because they don’t like it. In some cases, flagging can be caused by what YouTube calls “brigading.” Brigading happens when a large number of people work together to take down a video regardless of whether it violates a policy or not.


Is brigading a reason to take down a video? YouTube firmly states that it does not. No matter how many flags a video has, it is evaluated according to the same guidelines. The purpose is to ensure that no malicious or unfair treatment of someone’s content occurs. The final decision about whether to take action on a video is left to You Tube, which has teams in multiple languages evaluating reported videos 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in time zones around the world. In borderline cases where it’s hard to make a call, the video will be passed up the chain of command until a final decision is made. Regardless of whether angry mobs report a video, YouTube won’t remove it unless it violates the company’s policies.

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