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YouTube Rises to Number 1 App by Consumer Spend

According to a report on global app consuming spend, YouTube is currently at the top as the users on YouTube spend more than any other app. Also, according to the app Annie in the first months of 2021, YouTube broke all the records. For the most in-app purchases, YouTube has overtaken TikTok and tinder. According to experts, the spending on apps has increased more than ever in the past few years. The app purchasing has been increasing 40% more than every past year and especially in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it has gone on to staggering numbers. According to a report from Q1 2021, smartphone users have spent a whopping 9 billion dollars more than they spent in the previous year. Moreover, the increment in in-app purchasing has been on the rise with likewise numbers on both iOS and Android platforms and the number of downloads is also jaw-dropping on these platforms. App Annie’s report has shown several states of the app data. Therefore, in this article, our main focus will be on the state of YouTube as the video creators in YouTube are earning more than ever. 

YouTube overtakes TikTok and tinder to become number 1

The first question that would pop into anyone’s mind would be what people are spending on the number one app. YouTube is an app where we go to spend some quality time while watching our favorite show, so where exactly people are spending this much money? There are a plethora of ways to spend money on YouTube and creators are earning whopping amounts from this. Below we will mention some YouTube in-app purchases.

  • When people spend on a monthly subscription they get several benefits such as an ad-free experience.
  • When a user subscribes to a specific channel they get multiple benefits to enjoy.

These are just some of the ways users spend on this number one app to enjoy a plethora of benefits. Users have been consuming a lot of data on YouTube in the past few years and this is exactly the reason they are spending this much on in-app purchasing. 

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