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Exciting Feature for Sports Fans Added by Youtube

Youtube wants sports fans to enjoy this new feature
This social networking platform adds new features for sports fans

Video streaming site YouTube upgrades its TV for sports fans on their frequent request by adding 4k plus packages and new features for unlimited downloads, streams, and more.

As per Youtube

We’re excited to share more innovative features we’re bringing to YouTube TV – from new experiences to help you feel like you’re actually there, to navigation tools that help you quickly find your favorite events.” 

What is the reason for the new upgrade?

The main hope for the 4K Plus package is to help people feel like they are actually present at the event. To aid that mission, YouTube is enabling 4K Plus subscribers to follow the action in 4K resolution, with an unlimited number of streams, as well as 5.1 Dolby audio capabilities for all YouTube TV members – the last one being a direct answer to the highest request by users who wish to enhance their viewing experience with surround-sound audio. These additional features can help YouTube deliver a more theatre-like experience, giving them a unique advantage over its competitors who are less focused on live event streaming.


Now, YouTube wants to extend the level of control to its sports fans by enabling them to jump to the key moments while catching up on the live stream or watching the DVR recording, later on, a feature already made available for news segments. YouTube is also adding a Medal count for event participants next to other relevant statistics, enabling viewers to get a better grasp on the overall performance of the countries going against each other. Users will also be able to search for any sport to add to their unlimited DVR space:

YouTube also said

Sports super fans can search for an entire league, just their favorite team, or record individual games or even tournaments. We’ve also recently added key plays directly to search on mobile, so if you want to find all the 3-pointers in your library, you can find them with one click.

The updates are all about monetizing a passionate and active group of subscribers of YouTube TV. Most sports were paused or at least limited during the pandemic, leading people to revisit their favorite past events and building up a strong appetite for when live events would return. Sports fans are known for their passion and know that their favorite events are returning with a fresh start, they become the perfect target audience for ads on TV as sports are rarely watched on smaller screens at home.

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