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Windows 11 Can Run on Android Apps With One Addition

Microsoft has some interesting news store for Windows 11
Windows 11 requires this feature to run on Android apps

Microsoft announced that Windows 11 with a surprise edition that it will run on Android apps and that it must come from the Amazon Appstore.

Microsoft’s chief product officer indicated that Android apps would be able to run on Windows 11, so you’ll access your phone’s applications directly from your desktop.

Amazon will be providing these apps through its Amazon Appstore. It will still give you access to a wide variety of free and paid apps, but it’s not nearly as convenient as direct access to the Google Play store.

We think that the reason for the difference is Google’s preference for ChromeOS to Windows. Anyone who’s used a Fire tablet along with an Android phone will notice the difference.

Interestingly, by using the Android version, you won’t need to develop Windows apps, so you won’t have to rely on web versions.

However, it will also mean that some services will not have to develop Microsoft applications, they can simply offer a version for Android instead.

In order to make sure you have an incredible Android app experience within the Microsoft Store, Microsoft has partnered with Intel Bridge technology so that you can get all the details you’d expect from a search for apps.

Earlier this year, Windows 10 was introduced with the Snap feature, which allows you to arrange everything how you like it.

With Windows 11, you can now run Windows apps alongside Tik-Tok, giving you easy access to the YouTube app.

Desktop users would likely not be interested in that, but those using Windows on tablets could benefit from that by having access to more casual apps and experiences.

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