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Why we Need Cloud Computing Security Solutions?

A hardware or software that you use to protect your cloud-stored data is known as cloud cybersecurity. It is an approach that makes your business healthy and competitive in the modern business environment.

Importance of Cloud Computing Security Solutions:

Without security, you are risking all of your data and business integrity, and data breaches make you liable. Why would a client continue to work with your company after any theft of data? There should be a team that monitors your system 24/7 for potential threats and make your system up-to-date.

Cloud Computing Security Issues:

  • Data breaches
  • Hijacking of accounts
  • Insider threat
  • Malware injection
  • Abuse of cloud services
  • Insecure APIs
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Insufficient due diligence
  • Shared vulnerabilities
  • Data loss

Services of Cloud Computing Security Solutions:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

The traditional security techniques as username and password are insufficient to save your online business. Hackers can steal your credentials and get access to your system. Once they get your information, they can log in to your cloud-based applications and have access to your services.

Many solution providers use two-factor authentication through which only an authorized person can access your sensitive data.

  • Manage User Access

Most employees don’t need to access every directory, file, or application. Security experts create levels of authorization to ensure that each employee can access that data, which is necessary for him/her to do the specific task. If you allow your employee to have access to all applications and hackers steal that credentials, hackers will have the keys to all your empire.

  • Manage, Log, and Monitor User Activities

Real-time monitoring can help you to identify irregular activity on your system like log in from a previously unknown IP address. Indication of abnormal activity informs you before any data breach, and you can fix it early and protect your data from unauthorized access. Here are some solutions to prevent your information:

  • Intrusion detection and response
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Protect Against Departing Employees

When an employee leaves your organization, make sure he/she can no longer access your cloud-based system, intellectual property, and data. Cloud computing security solutions give a systemized process that revokes all access rights for each departing worker.

  • Anti-Phishing Training

Hackers can have access to your sensitive data by stealing your login credentials through social engineering methods such as spoofing websites, social media spying, and phishing. Security service providers offer ongoing training to your employees to prevent themselves from these scams.

  • Cloud to Cloud Backup

Some companies offer cloud to cloud backup service. If you delete your data or a hacker manipulated it, they can save your deleted data for some time. Determine this time frame from your service provider.

Experienced IT professionals help you to design a comprehensive system to combine all your business components and save your sensitive data.

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