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Why is GMB Important for Local Search?

Muller Explains the difference between local search.
Google offers insight on GMB search.

John Mueller of Google responded to a question about the difference between an informational search query and a query for a local service and explained what businesses need to do to rank in local search, emphasizing the importance of their Google My Business (GMB) profile.

How Do Local and Informational Search Queries Differ?

Search queries entered into Google in search of local stores or service providers are known as “Local Search Queries.”.Plumbers, restaurants, retail stores, and lawyers are all examples of local search businesses.

A search query for information is one in which the user is trying to find a piece of information, such as the cast of a movie, a product review, or instructions on how to cook a Hungarian goulash.

Local vs. Informational Web Pages: How are they Different in SEO?

The questioner seemed to believe that the search intent was different for local search queries and content-based queries.

As a result, the search engine optimization for the two kinds of queries would be different for both. Google’s John Mueller replied that regardless of whether the page was about local services or information, SEO considerations were the same.

The first thing that sounds strange maybe how a local search page is promoted, but he then explains an important difference.

Google’s Local Service Promotion

 Next, Mueller discusses the differences in how local pages are promoted. I want to point out, also, that it sounds to me like the kind of thing you’re talking about is a local service or business, he said.

For that, you really need to have a strong Google My Business entry. For queries like this, it makes sense to show that information in the search results in a little bit easier.

It is not essential you rank for something like “near me” because “near me” is essentially global.

It would be more useful if you simply ensure that the location of your website or page is very clearly defined on your pages, in order to know if the user is currently located at the location specified on the page.

Any search that includes “near me” can therefore be applied to this geographic distance algorithm to determine whether or not the results are actually close to them and match their search criteria. I think that’s important to remember. He added as a closing statement.

Local Businesses Need Google My Business (GMB)

Having a Google My Business profile is also important, Mueller asserted. As soon as you create a Google My Business account, you automatically create a location.

There, things are a little bit easier. This is why we should emphasize local search in search results better in search.” Having all of that information combined makes it a lot easier for us to realize that this is a local result and that the user is local and looking for something local.

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