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WhatsApp Softens Approach to Privacy Policy Update

WhatsApp wants to hold back its decision over the privacy policy
WhatsApp halts its privacy policy update overpressure

According to the WhatsApp, the messaging app has watered down its privacy policy over the pressure from the Indian government for the sharing user’s personal data with Facebook.

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Facebook’s parent company, WhatsApp, announced back in January that it would update its privacy terms, which is likely to allow some data to be shared with Facebook about people’s transactions with businesses within WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption means that users’ personal messages and interactions will never be shared, the announcement sparked a major backlash that saw millions of people ditching WhatsApp for services like Signal and Telegram.

In January, WhatsApp, the parent company of Facebook, announced a set of privacy changes, which may allow Facebook to access some details about people’s interactions with businesses through  WhatsApp. Since all messaging and interactions on WhatsApp are protected by end-to-end encryption, there has been a big backlash. Millions of people ditched WhatsApp Softens  for services such as  Signal and Telegram.

Then, early last month, WhatsApp started showing users in-app alerts once again, notifying them of the coming change, though with clarified wording and more specific explainers.

This more specific prompt was clearly intended to alleviate concerns, but it did not.

Indian regulators have called on the messaging giant to withdraw the update completely since data-sharing concerns have been raised, while German regulators are also calling for an EU-wide ban due to concerns about the changes.

Facebook has declared India its largest single-nation focus in this regard, and Facebook plans to expand majorly in this region, which also has the largest WhatsApp user base in the world (530+ million users).

But due to Facebook’s need to implement the update to move forward with its plans for monetizing WhatsApp, the company filed a counter-suit against the Indian government in response last week to push through the change.

WhatsApp announced

“After a period of several weeks, the [privacy policy update] reminder people receive will eventually become persistent. At that time, you’ll encounter limited functionality on WhatsApp Softens  until you accept the updates. This will not happen to all users at the same time.”

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