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Beta for Voice Messages Removed After Release by Whatsapp

WhatsApp introduced a new feature but later removed it
WhatsApp Removed voice messages beta again

WhatsApp removed its voice messages’ latest beta version after releasing it to the world due to the tester’s feedback that showed a preview of voice in waved form. The old version of WhatsApp is being temporarily restored today.

What is the reason?

Many users complained that the interface was nice, but they were unable to navigate through the voice messages using the seek bar, and the voice waveform color was difficult to see in dark mode.

The beta feature is still very much in development, hence such things are very likely to happen. WABetaInfo has confirmed that WhatsApp has temporarily disabled its new voice messaging feature and that this feature should return when the company fixes some bugs.

Stay tuned to discover more changes and features about WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS!

In Wabetainfo’s post, it says that the shape of acoustic waves is the new UI change for voice messages. Whenever the WhatsApp beta user sent or received a voice message, a preview of the voice waveform appeared on the message bubble.

It was later discovered, however, that WhatsApp temporarily removed this feature in response to testers’ feedback. Despite the nice interface, I wasn’t able to navigate through the voice messages using the seek bar, and the waveform’s color wasn’t very visible in dark mode.

This new feature is like Instagram’s private message exchange because the user interface is similar.

At present, Android users can use this feature. WhatsApp’s iOS and WhatsApp’s Web will follow soon. Until then, stay tuned!

Additionally, the latest WhatsApp beta update introduced features enabling users to share sticker packs directly with their contacts. Nevertheless, forwarding a sticker pack can only be done with official sticker packs and it does not work with third-party sticker packs.

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