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Watch Out! That Android System Update May Contain A Powerful Spyware

Researchers have discovered a new information-stealing Trojan

Researchers from around the globe have warned people about the android system update that it might have a flaw that targets specific android devices to steal important information like audio recording, call recordings and, browser history. As we have seen in the past that the malware took a toll on the android systems as there have been copycat applications with the same names and now this new app update might take control of some compromised android devices. According to Zimperium researchers, the users will receive a notification of the spyware if the device’s screen is locked. If the notification shows searching for the update then know that this is a notification from the spyware and not from the operating system. Once you install this spyware on your android device the spyware will be able to transfer information from your device to its operator in the form of a Zip file. They will be able to use the camera on their phone to take photos of other media. In addition, they can also share your contact list, photos, call recordings and, other sensitive information without you being aware of it. The spyware can also detect the victim’s location and can search specific data from his device once the sophisticated software is installed. According to researchers when the victim makes a phone call, receives a message, or installs an application that triggers the sophisticated spyware’s functionality and data exfiltration. Moreover, this high-severity software not only stores the stolen data in an organized platform in its private storage, but it also doesn’t let any stone unturned to let you know that the data has been stolen. This makes it even more frightening and dangerous. Although the purpose behind this remains unclear as yet, the app was never dispersed on the google app store that makes it even more intriguing how a third party can inlet high-severity malware.

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