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Twitter Business Profile official Launch is Around the Corner

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Twitter business profile could launch any day now 
Convert to professional’ option added in business profile

Twitter’s business profile is close to being fully launched and is reportedly testing a new option of ‘Convert to professional’ for testing the feature and release it soon.

What is the main story?

The feature is being offered by both Jane Manchu Wong and Alessandro Palazzi, two prolific app analysts; using it, users need to choose a business category for their profile and classify themselves either as a ‘Business’ or ‘Creator’ profile.

However, the actual conversion hasn’t yet worked. Once you’ve selected the last response, the screen just refreshes, and doesn’t go any further – but the process likely indicates what users will eventually need to do to switch over to a professional presence. Twitter first previewed its coming business profiles back in February before launching a live test with selected users in April.

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