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Twitter to Launch Shop Module for the Users Worldwide in Future.

Shopping experience will be enhanced through Twitter now
Twitter to launch Shop Module

To provide a more personalized shopping experience for Twitter users, Twitter to launch Shop Module in tandem with Professional Profiles to provide its users with a better shopping experience. Twitter tested downvotes on tweets last week (22nd July).

Twitter announced a new test a few days later, on July 28.This time around, their news blog was used to communicate the announcement, as opposed to the Twitter feed in the first instance.

Twitter has Relaunched its Shopping Feature

Back in 2015, Twitter experimented with shopping on its platform. However, the company moved away from this so it could focus on other business ventures. Twitter announced their plans to reinstate shopping on the platform in a thread released on 3rd March. In the thread, they confessed that they aren’t doing a good job serving those millions of Twitter customers

Spaces is an excellent example of this. An audio chat room can provide an excellent way for people to converse and leverage their interest graph while participating in or observing a public conversation. They announced on the thread. The thread further said:  It’s a fact that there are millions of small businesses on Twitter, but we haven’t been doing a good job of explaining why they should advertise on Twitter and how to buy ads. 

Their Plan Was also Explained step-by-step in the Thread:

  1. DR products, including installation of apps, are being improved.
  2. Increasing conversions by attracting Twitter users to a company’s website.
  3. Supporting the purchase of goods and services through Twitter.

We also focus on clicks to the advertiser’s website, which allow customers to learn about their product or service, buy it, or download it, as the case may be. We are also considering commerce. Making it easier for people to buy things on Twitter. This requires deep consideration of how we can help advertisers reach customers and maintain the relationship with them. 

The Shop Module

Anyone who uses Twitter for professional purposes can incorporate the Shop Module into their profile, allowing them to showcase their professional skills. The Twitter Business account stated that a ‘few U.S. businesses’ would be embraced by Professional Profiles when it was announced in April.

Shop Module Users Will Be Able to See this Feature if they Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Users in the United States.
  • Those who use Twitter in English
  • Users of Twitter on iOS devices.

As users scroll through a carousel of products displayed on the Twitter to launch Shop Module, they will be able to learn more about them, and purchase them, all without leaving the Twitter app. However, the announcement concluded by mentioning that businesses around the world would soon have access to customized profiles.

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