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Twitter to Improve Tweets by allowing high-quality media

Twitter users have been requesting the option to publish tweets with high-resolution, uncropped pictures for many years.

Now, Twitter has confirmed it will be testing its new image upload functions which will allow users to upload larger and high-resolution images.

Furthermore, Twitter is also working on YouTube integration with the platform for a seamless video experience. 

When you upload a picture on Twitter, it gets cropped in timelines. Also, uploaded photos are compressed, and lose a lot of quality.

Twitter’s new systems will allow images with up to 4k resolution. On the video front of things, users will be able to watch high-quality videos on Twitter using YouTube integration. Currently, uploaded videos are severely compressed. 

Larger Timeline Images

The new update will allow you to see what the published tweet will look like while it is being composed. This will help users compose and design their tweets better. Also, images will no longer be cropped, unless the user decides to do so.

These changes are currently being tested on Android and iOS. If you are part of the test group, you will start seeing full-size images in your timeline. For regular users, you will have to endure the cropped images for now, no matter how bad they look. 

High-Resolution Photo Uploads

Twitter is also testing a system that will allow users to upload high-resolution images (up to 4K) on the platform. Say goodbye to compressed images forever!

For users included in the testing, the Data Usage section in settings will have the high-quality image settings!

YouTube Integration

Twitter has always been abysmal when it comes to video viewing experience. The maximum resolution that can be uploaded on Twitter is 720p, which is not even considered HD anymore! Twitter has no plans to increase this 720p limit.

However, they are testing a new YouTube integration system that will allow YouTube videos to play in the timeline natively.

Which update are you looking forward to the most? Let us know!

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