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Twitter plans expansion in Twitter

Twitter’s latest new office

Recently, Twitter announced opening an office in Ghana to expand its presence in the growing African tech sector. 

With Jack Dorsey’s love of Africa and the growing opportunities available, this is hardly a surprise. 

This new expansion calls for the hiring of local designers, engineers, marketers, and others.

Twitter said:

“Whenever we enter new markets, we work hard to ensure that we are not just investing in the talent that we hire, but also investing in local communities and the social fabric that supports them.

We have already laid foundations through partnerships with Amref Health Africa in Kenya, Afrochella in Ghana, Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) in Nigeria, and The HackLab Foundation in Ghana. As part of our long-term commitment to the region, we’ll continue to explore compelling ways we can use the positive power of Twitter to strengthen our communities through employee engagement, platform activation, and corporate giving.”

As Twitter expands and provides new opportunities, it will hopefully strengthen its roots in the local market.

Modernize Africa twitter

Currently, Africa is the least connected continent in the world, with a quarter of its 1.3 billion citizens connected to the internet.

The situation is about to change – last May, Facebook committed approximately $1 billion into a new subsea cable link intended to improve connectivity throughout Oceania. 

That resulted in an increase in Facebook users from Africa.

As more people access the internet, there will be all sorts of new opportunities.

Twitter wants to take advantage of that new shift to get ahead of the pack, which could become one of the most essential connecting tools for Africans moving forward, especially if partnerships can be formed with local users, and the service can be culturally aligned with the needs of the people of the region.

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