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Twitter testing new super follow buttons

Recently, Twitter revealed its first plans for the upcoming ‘Super Follow’ and tipping features, providing influencers to monetize their presence by locking exclusive content for subscribing members.

Now, it appears Twitter is on the verge of completing the next stage of the project, with reverse engineering superstar Jane Manchun Wong’s discovery of these new profile layouts, which incorporate both new options.

Twitter users could be able to include these new formats with:

  • Users can accept fans’ and followers’ donations directly on their profile by clicking on the ‘Tipping’ button.
  • Additional ‘Super Follow’ options alongside the ‘Follow’ prompt 
  • A prominently displayed ‘Super Follow’ button replaces the ‘Follow’ feature (people can unfollow by tapping on the ‘Super Follow’ button alongside their profile).

A couple of new buttons will soon be available to tweeters who want to monetize their following.

Twitter is still testing the functionality at the moment, and many variables are expected to appear in the near future.

It is thought that by offering Twitter users a way to monetize their audience, Twitter can keep its top users tweeting more often while also incentivizing them to use the app more regularly. 

Tweeting more frequently would also help to increase overall time spent in their app.

In contrast, new eCommerce tools and newsletter services, among other features, would also help to grow the use of Twitter and its functionality.

Twitter’s long-term strategy

The move fits into Twitter’s larger strategy for business interactions, which moved forward a little over the past few days with the initial live test of business profiles.

Twitter is building towards the next stage of more enclosed and exclusive content tools by adding audio rooms, communities for enclosed discussions, and new audience restrictions on tweets.

In addition to its gated subscriptions, it offers a platform that enables monetization options for community-builders and community monetization.

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