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Twitter Forms A New Alliance With Reuters and AP To Improve Efficiency

New partnership will help Twitter improve trend listings
Twitter to improve trend listing with new partnership

Social media giant forms a new alliance with Reuters and AP to improve the accuracy in trend listing within the user’s timeline and to slow the false narratives. 

As Per Social Media Giant Twitter 

“We are committed to making sure that when people come to Twitter to see what’s happening, they can easily find reliable information. Twitter will be able to expand the scale and increase the speed of our efforts to provide timely, authoritative context across the wide range of global topics and conversations that happen on Twitter every day.”

What Will Happen Next?

It has been found that tweets are being explained in a way that links to reliable sources, and that has seamlessly declined false narratives’ impact and amplification. 

This listing has also been updated with example tweets since September. 

The partnership with social media giant Twitter will provide Twitter’s curation team with access to real-time updates about key conversations in real-time, both from established sources and provide context to topics that are gaining public attention, which can be misconstrued.

With this new partnership, Twitter will be able to access the same sources that Reuters and the Associated Press use to stay current on breaking news, which will help its curators keep up to date with emerging issues with the latest information.

Regardless, it’s a big update for Twitter’s efforts on this front, one that could dramatically affect its processes.


In light of Twitter’s history of originating misinformation, in various forms, it is imperative that it does everything possible to limit the amplification of this information, and to improve its listings.

However, this won’t counter Twitter bot armies, which are capable of inflating discussion around a specific subject.

The next step in what will require a comprehensive effort is to provide more context. 

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