Twitter Enhances the Trending Topics Section

A closer look at Twitter's trending topics
Trending topics will be highlighted more on Twitter.

Twitter will be able to provide context to popular topics by partnering with AP and Reuters in order to grow in scale and speed. At the moment, Twitter only provides a limited amount of information about top trends.

A trend can be enhanced by adding additional information such as a Twitter Moment, a single tweet, or a written description.

Twitter Rolls Out Ways to Deliver Information:

Several ways aim to improve Twitter’s ability to deliver this information:

  1. In the future, Twitter trends will have more contextual descriptions.
  2. The emergence of popular conversation topics will be reported in real-time. 
  3. Twitter will be able to deliver accurate information when facts are in dispute thanks to this collaboration. 
  4. More frequent mention of trusted sources will increase trustworthiness.

Additionally, Twitter will attempt to provide information on topics before they become viral. When there’s potential for the topic to generate misleading information, Twitter will try to “Instead of waiting for something to go viral, Twitter contextualizes and streamlines public discourse as it develops, at pace with or in anticipation of the public dialogue.

In September 2020, Twitter introduced its explanations of trending topics. While trend charts can be helpful, they don’t appear for all trends and they certainly aren’t in real-time.

The challenges around speed and scale are being addressed by the AP & Reuters collaboration, as is another issue with Twitter – fact-checking.  Fact-Checking viral web content requires a lot of resources, and Twitter doesn’t possess them internally. Fact-checking is even outsourced by Facebook.

Currently, Twitter’s curation team is responsible for adding explanations to trending topics, but they do not have the investigative expertise of investigative journalists.

That’s where AP & Reuters come in. Twitter now has the resources to counter misinformation before it gets too far out of hand. AP and Reuters will focus on English-language content during this first phase of the program. 

Twitter says its efforts will continue to grow over time to provide support across time zones and languages around the world. They said in a statement that; It is our goal to ensure that people are able to easily access reliable news on Twitter when coming to check out what is happening. Adding Twitter to the conversation will enable us to provide timely and authoritative context for global topics and conversations that occur every day on Twitter.

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