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Twitter Crowns Xbox as the Winner of its First-Ever ‘Brand Bracket’ Competition

Twitter had been running its first-ever brand bracket competition to determine the best tweeting brand.

With 15 head-to-head battles, many people participated in this competition, where Xbox came out victorious.

Yes, Microsoft’s gaming arm Xbox has come out on top, with users recognizing its Twitter skills by marking it as the best of brand tweeters after defeating Skittles in the final face-off.

The competition was quite crucial in which the company’s Twitter handle boasts 15.9 million followers.

The number of tweets was more than 33 times per day, incorporating replies.

In fact, replies are likely what wins it for Xbox, with its social media team highly active in responding to mentions on the platform.

What does it mean for twitter Xbox?

For Xbox, it gets the kudos of being ‘the best tweeting brand’, which it can use in promotional pitches, while Twitter will also be running digital billboards announcing the victory, which will feature fan Tweets and will visit the neighborhoods of the winning brand’s marketing team.

Xbox will also get a special trophy to mark the win.

Twitter held its first brand bracket competition

In terms of brand lessons, the key for Xbox, as noted, is likely its responsiveness and willingness to engage with its fan community.

Xbox’s social team is very attuned to the latest gaming trends and memes, and being able to mobilize that fan base in a fan-voted competition was, no doubt, a big advantage.

There’s no magic formula or secret tip in Xbox’s success in this respect, but having the capacity to engage and stay connected to your fans can pay dividends, at least in terms of brand and community building on the platform.

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