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Twitter Continues Work On Its New Spaces Tab

Twitter boosts the spaces tab by adding a new option

Last month, Twitter CFO Ned Segal posted this version, which Twitter platform then clarified was only available internally at the time.

According to Wong, the updated version features a larger layout and provides more info about hosts and attendees in the info panel of each chat, along with several profile bubbles to highlight specific attendees.

Developing Twitter’s discovery feature is essential, since while everyone with 600+ followers can now create an account, actually finding chats to tune into is currently a crapshoot – either you get notified about chats attended by people in your network, or you don’t.

Twitter platform is up for more

In addition to this new tab, Twitter is seeking to make audio chats more visible (via a purple circle around profiles in-stream) and will highlight those in audio chats through new features.

Following that, Twitter must now utilize algorithm matching to recommend chat topics based on user interest.

At least judging by its current topic suggestions in my listing, I don’t have a ton of faith in it getting it right.

The Twitter platform must however maximize this feature, otherwise, Spaces will become like live-streaming, which started off with an overwhelming amount of hype, then quickly went cold once everybody had access, and platforms became inundated with mediocre content.

We’re inundated with lazy streams of people streaming from their couches, staring at their camera phones accusingly, or even filming random street scenes or TV shows, which people, for whatever reason, wanted to share.

As soon as everyone has the same types of low engagement, low-interest audio rooms in the app, they’ll no longer be interested in it, and they’ll lose interest pretty quickly.

However, Twitter platform may become a key engagement tool within the app if it can show you the most relevant Spaces based on your interests.

Again, this is a big ‘if’ – and Twitter’s algorithms are not highly attuned to the interests of its users.

But it’s a key element, and once this new Spaces tab is available, it will be essential to unlocking the full potential of the format.

Incidentally, this is also why I think Facebook, and to a lesser degree Reddit will have more success with the audio social tools long-term,

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