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A New Audio Space Hosting Option is Available on Twitter

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A big addition added to Twitter's Spaces
Social media giant Twitter adds new features in Spaces

Twitter has added a new feature to its audio social Spaces app where hosts can download an audio file of their space, which will appear within 24 hours.

How can you make use of it?

Users will be required to download their personal data files to access the audio, which Twitter keeps on file for 30 days for possible moderation reasons. You can download these files from within your profile settings, under the ‘Your Account’ tab. You can request a zip file of all of the data Twitter has on you by tapping ‘Request Archive’ in the ‘Download and archive of your data section. This includes the Spaces audio files Twitter has on you. You can find your Spaces audio in the ‘Data’ folder once you have requested your archive, but it may take up to 24 hours for it to arrive.

It is likely that Twitter will improve this process eventually, so you don’t have to download all of your Twitter info in order to access the audio file. Twitter has been working on audio download options for the past few months. Spaces could benefit from the repurposing of audio content to expand their reach and boost engagement with those who might not be able to tune in.

These recordings also present potential complexities, including the need to obtain consent for re-use from all speakers. There are also concerns raised by Twitter, and the company is considering adding some kind of consent option to the Spaces agreement at some point. you on re-use exactly is not entirely clear, but the onus, at least in part, is on the Spaces host to ensure that all speakers are okay with any re-use, particularly for commercial purposes.

Those are two of the small, yet important updates to the feature, which will give you another way to boost your broadcast’s awareness, and help you maximize your Space’s reach.

Though Clubhouse came first with audio social networking, as of right now, it does appear that Twitter is leading the way, with much greater reach and engagement potential on Spaces than Clubhouse rooms, and improving functionality, including discoverability, a major challenge Clubhouse faces as it grows.

It’s worth noting, though, that Clubhouse is gaining traction in India, a market that may become more important to the platform going forward, given Twitter’s clashes with Indian regulators over content being posted within the app, which may cause further complications with the platform.

At some point, Clubhouse could also fall foul of Indian regulators since audio rooms are difficult to moderate because of their real-time nature. In spite of rising challengers in the market, the app is currently building momentum, which appears to be a more viable path to ongoing growth.

However, Facebook might make them all obsolete by launching its audio tools, which have taken another step forward via a live test earlier this week by Facebook execs.

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