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Twitter Adds a New Button to Profiles

Twitter introduces a new subscription button for what?
A new button added to the user’s profiles

According to the report, social media giant Twitter has added a new subscription button to the user’s profiles that will enable them to sign up for the newsletter.

As per Twitter

We’re currently building new ways to grow your newsletter audience, and we want to preview one that will live right on your Twitter profile.
We want to give writers tools to turn their growing, engaged Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers. This will be available for Revue newsletters soon, so stay tuned. Now, back to work to keep building.“
Subscriptions will appear on a user’s profile after the Mutual Followers section. The Twitter page will provide a brief description, number of subscribers, and the name of the newsletter.
Upon clicking the Subscribe button, a message appears informing the user that their email address will be sent to the newsletter creator.
Before submitting their information, users can read through a sample issue from this screen.


The feature can be activated directly in Revue by publishers who have newsletters.
This may be the first time that a Twitter profile may be monetized since publishers can sell paid subscriptions through Revue.
Twitter takes a 5% cut of subscription revenues earned through Revue, which allows publishers to offer free and paid newsletters.
Revue is free to maintain, which means marketers can build mailing lists using Twitter by creating and distributing newsletters.

Launch Date

Subscribe button launch date has not yet been announced. According to reports, Android and desktop users will get it first, with iOS following later.

In the case of paid newsletters, integrating this feature with Twitter Blue as an added perk might make sense.

A monthly fee gives users access to exclusive Twitter Blue features. Several test countries will have access to the service this month.

The newsletter subscription as part of the package may be a good way to make the deal more tempting.

As an example, consider YouTube Premium.

You can become a member of one channel at no extra charge, which is one of its perks.

Another example, Amazon Prime is available. Streaming on Twitch is free for Prime members.
The content creators in each of these cases are paid the same as they would receive from any other paying subscriber.

Conclusion :

By combining Revue and Blue, Twitter could potentially achieve the same thing. As a result, premium members would be able to gain more value while revenue for creators would increase.
The time is not yet right for Twitter to consider such a move. In a few weeks, we’ll learn more about the Subscribe button.

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