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Convert your leads into business through our call agents
Approach hot leads immediately with our call agents

In addition to our call agents receiving proper training, our clients actively educate them on the product or service. Following your satisfaction with our agent’s knowledge, we begin executing and converting your leads according to procedures set by our experts, utilizing their extensive experience of providing results. In addition to the world-class equipment and VoIP system, which helps convert a lead into a sale, are also important.

 A super-hot lead generated will require an agent to contact 150+ contacts every day. Working eight hours a day. In one week, you approached 750 new prospects.

WOW! Do you still join us? Three thousand – one agent! I just wanted to let you know that we’ve got a team of highly dedicated and noisy call agents waiting to make calls on your behalf.

If you invited or contacted 3000 new prospects each month, you would be overwhelmed. What is your percentage of that number? By the end of the year, 36000 new prospects will have been reached by our calling agents.

Think about that number for a moment. Let me repeat that: You can reach over 36,000 new clients that didn’t even know you existed.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Our data can yield better results than the demographics provided to create an audience for social media channels in paid social media campaigns. This, however, is our least favorite method of approaching our audience since money can be wasted more easily.

Marketing Through Social Media

As the costs of getting sales and leads are skyrocketing, social media marketing is only serving as a brand awareness tool now. Our company does not believe it is wise to generate leads through social media channels. Our perspective is solely based on facts and extensive research.

Languages Our Agents Speak

We are very happy to announce that we have more than seven languages in which our calling agents can listen to you and provide you with the assistance needed. These calling agents are highly professional and trained who will give you every help you need. 

Having a team of agents working around the clock on sales and support means never losing a client to a competitor. Our leads will be able to speak to someone at all times, which fosters a feeling of trust, which is essential in protecting and growing your business.

Our Unique Al Tool

Zeus allows us to retrieve social media followers, which we can then use to determine what we call a “hot lead” or a relevant lead to the business. As part of our process for shortlisting the best hot leads per a client’s request, we call them super-hot leads.

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