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Top Five Outbound Call Centre Service Companies

The diversity of outbound call center services never end because of the people’s need. These certain top ten outbound call centers are highly recommended. 

  • Pixelette Technologies: This organization provides outbound call center services with exceptional customer experience. 
  • Sykes: Wandering around a few years now, this company provides inbound and outbound customer engagement services. 
  • TeleTech: This leading global customer experience technology and services company is delivering the best customer services through outbound applications. 
  • Intrado: This company helps with inbound and outbound telemarketing companies and technology solutions. 
  • Confero: This organization helps to outsource your customer and call handling. It is also a great initiative for small businesses.  

Best Outbound Call Centre Company?  

The best outbound call center service provider has to be Pixelette technologies because of their well-supported customer service. While being the number one outbound service provider you can easily rely on your required services with them.  


  • Customer support  
  • Phone help desk 
  • Phone order taking  
  • Live mail and support 
  • Order management  

Certain services are provided by Pixelette with each of them promising.  

What Do These Services Provide? 

As being a top outbound call center service company each of their services delivers promising results to our customers with satisfaction. As they provide a smart and innovative contact center solution.  

Customer Support  

Here at Pixelette we offer top resourceful customer support services. We assist our customers in any technical or product detail. 

Phone Help Desk 

We have the most updated phone help desk, which is a useful customer service tool by responding to them with solving queries effectively. 

Phone Order Tracking  

We also provide an exponential phone tracking service where customers can find ordered products.  

Live Mail and Chat  

Through this process, we provide quick assistance to the customers because most of the customers rely on live chat. 

Order Management  

This is an error-free process that goes from placement to order dispatch which is quite feasible for our customers.  


With changing technology and increasing customer expectations sometimes call centres face multiple complications. 51% of customers have transferred to brands due to poor customer service. By putting this in front Pixelette dares to compensate for such issues and has managed to engage more customers for call center services. 


With all the major activities involved in outbound call center services outsourcing sets the base for customer service. Outsourcing involves certain fundamentals like infrastructure solutions for business and application services.  

Types of Outsourcing  

  • IT outsourcing  
  • Operational outsourcing  
  • Project outsourcing  

Their outsourcing services are provided by Pixelette technologies as a customer representative.  


If we talk about some of the best customer service provider companies in the world then you could easily come up with these names that we read earlier. But the most preferred outbound call center service provider would be Pixelette because of their promising services. They also provide a safer and secure managing process which draws a lot of customer’s attention. 

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