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TikTok Reshape its Developer Tools

Entertainment app TikTok launches new developer tools

Some new elements are coming to TikTok’s developer platform that will facilitate more ways for third-party apps to integrate TikTok, and vice versa. Just like Facebook and Google, now users will be able to sign up on third-party apps using TikTok’s credentials.

As per TikTok:

“Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Sound and Login Kits for TikToks, which will help third-party apps create more frictionless sharing and authentication experiences for their users. The Software Development Kits (SDKs) are now available for mobile, web, and console applications globally.”

TikToks will allow users to import original sounds and music from 3rd party apps directly into the TikToks ecosystem through Sound Kit.

“Audio is integral to the TikTok experience and offers endless possibilities for collaboration and inspiration among the community. Through the Sound Kit, we’re excited to help creators reach new fans on TikTok and make their original sounds even more shareable.”

Exporting audio

Exporting audio data from AudioBridge, LANDR, Rapchat and Yourdio is also possible with the new process.  It will facilitate a wide breadth of audio content by sharing copyright responsibility with the originating platforms instead of TikToks having strict rules regarding audio usage.

TikToks also now offers a Login Kit, which enables users to sign in through a third-party app using their TikToks login credentials. Just like users get an option to sign in with Google or Facebook on multiple apps. In addition, TikToks claims that a number of apps have integrated its Login Kit directly into their platforms, making it easier to share content from and to TikToks in consequence. It will surely increase TikTok’s use and help it gain attraction through other apps.

Gather valuable data

Through its Login Kit, TikTok will also have a greater ability to gather more data about related apps and insight into user activity if the user allows in-app data tracking (non-iOS). Consequently, TikToks will be much better positioned to launch new features after peeking into valuable insights. The addition will make it easier for developers to collect and integrate user information and for their customers to engage with their apps.

Although TikToks has achieved a meteoric rise in its early stages of development, it is still far from being the mature application it needs to be, and it is still finding ways to enhance other features. The app is growing rapidly, and this will result in greater functionality and options for additional development partners looking to utilize its popularity.

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