Tik Tok Added a New Option of Shoutouts for Celebrities

what is the hype about TikTok's feature "Shoutouts."
TikTok’s feature “Shoutouts” growing popular among users

In order to keep its top creators from wandering off to other, more lucrative opportunities, TikTok is providing more revenue-generating options as competition for top creators increases. In this spirit, TikTok added an app feature this week called ‘Shoutouts’ that allows fans to pay to have their favorite stars send them a private video message. After accepting an assigned shoutout, creators have three days to decline. Then, they have a week to make the clip, which is finally sent to the users.

Are you wondering what TikTok coins are?

During live streams on TikTok, users can purchase virtual gifts with TikTok’s own virtual currency, which is primarily used to purchase virtual gifts for creators.  

As TikTok explains:

“Coins can be found in your profile Settings within the “Balance” tab. Select the “Recharge” icon to view the coin denomination options.”

You can exchange real money for on-platform TikTok coins, as you can with Facebook Stars and YouTube’s Super Chat features, which can be used to make donations and add digital effects to your favorite creators. Now, you can also use Shoutouts.

So how much does it cost?

Well, that depends on how much they charge – based on the majority of scenarios, that’s around $US1800 at the current time for 100,000 TikTok coins. Although that seems steep, it is varied, and some people may have no problem paying whatever it takes to see their favorite stars. priligy achat

As of now, the option seems to be limited. There does not appear to be a method through which users can request Shoutouts from certain accounts in certain regions using their clips.

As mentioned, TikTok is building a platform for finding a way to monetize their top stars, making a lot more money on Instagram and YouTube if they can parlay their fame from TikTok into something more substantial. It’s the same thing that happened to Vine, where all its top creators became YouTube millionaires after struggling to convert their fame into financial success.

In order to keep users from abandoning the platform, TikTok needs to provide more options like this, to ensure they are able to post. Therefore, you can expect to see these options becoming more widely available in the future.   

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