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TikTok Adds a New Video Editor for Brands

TikTok has launched a revamped video editing tool for brands that want to advertise their products.

The new video editor will allow brands to create more TikTok-esque videos for marketing purposes.

TikTok has grown immensely popular over the last few years and is a major advertising platform these days.

Accessing the New Video Editor

To open the new tool, go to TikTok Ads Manager and select the ‘Create a Video’ option.

From there, you can either use existing TikTok content or drag and drop your own files into the playback area.

Range of Customization

The editor allows you to add any music from your PC, or you can select from a premade library of copyrighted music.

You can add text as overlays, a common theme in TikTok videos. For the text, you are provided with a plethora of font and colorful styles for customization.

Furthermore, you can add transitions between frames on top of several visual effects.

Fine-tuning controls such as volume adjustment are also available in the new editor and changing aspect ratios of the video by cropping (16:9, 9:16, 1:1).

Benefits of the New Editor

TikTok has made it very easy to create engaging videos on the go. While dedicated video editing software such as Premiere or Final Cut Pro are better, one cannot deny the TikTok video editor’s versatility.

New TikTok Video Editor Launched

It allows users to create fun, interactive, and engaging videos quickly and without any hassle.

Brands can use the new editor to create content for the TikTok audience straight from a desktop computer.

Furthermore, you can even overlay title and video controls in the editor, so you’ll know what the final video will be like!

According to TikTok:

“…through the unique culture spawned by our community, no-frills authenticity is prized over perfection.”

The above quote perfectly summarizes the need for portable, easy-to-use video editing tools like the TikTok video editor.

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