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The WordPress Host of WPX Has Experienced an Outage For Several Hours

People were unable to access the WPX’s wordpress site for hours
WordPress host encountered errors and the website was shut down

Outages caused anguish as WordPress sites were unavailable for hours on end due to WPX hosting issues and people showed their concerns and complaints on twitter.

Thousands of websites may have been affected by an outage at WPX Managed WordPress Hosting.

For several hours, the website had been down and people complained about it online. A large number of customers have complained about a lack of communication from WPX.

Site Was Unreachable For WPX Hosting

It was even impossible to access the WPX hosting site itself.

The following error message appeared on a page hosted on the knowledge base subdomain (kb.wpx.net): Could Not Connect

Problems With the WPX Chicago Data Center

In response to a customer complaint on Twitter, WPX issued a templated response. A comma appears at the beginning of the response, possibly to denote that the tweeter’s name can be placed in the space preceding it.

The tweet apologized for causing the inconvenience! It further said that there are currently technical issues at the Chicago datacenter.

A resolution is expected shortly, as the problem is beyond our control on August 2, they tweeted.

As a result of the canned response, anger and unease were expressed in the Affiliate SEO Mastermind Facebook group.

The lack of communication has been criticized by many members of that Facebook group, who labeled it “useless.”

Another member of that group referred to the single tweet as “pitiful.”

The other participant said that WPX was good, but that if they had communicated more effectively, they could have earned more goodwill.

The member described the lack of communication as unacceptable.

Why Was WPX WordPress Host Down?

In the domain whois information for WPX.net, Steadfast ASN (Autonomous System Number) is listed.

ASNs identify the IP addresses that make up the physical infrastructure of a data center, and can offer clues as to what may be happening there.

WPX also tweeted that a data center in Chicago was having problems, which corresponds with data centers owned by Steadfast.

The Steadfast infrastructure could therefore serve as the underlying infrastructure to WPX hosting, although, at this time, without more information from WPX, we cannot be certain.

Announcement on Steadfast Help Page:

The network has intermittent connectivity due to a malfunctioning switch.

Our alarming system detected a switch running inconsistently, and our networking team investigated several possible reasons for this problem.”60% of our clients were able to regain service within an hour.

Our team has replaced the device that is causing the interruption, and we should be online within one hour.”

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