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The New Update of TikTok Adds Exciting Features

TikTok introduces eight new features for creators.
All the New Update of TikTok added in TikTok’s Live Streams.

A new way of promoting the users has been added by TikTok through which they can enjoy numerous features such as scheduling a live stream in advance. It means that they can now easily manage when they will do live streaming while promoting it in advance.

All these streams that are scheduled ahead of time are being referred to as, “TikTok Events”. This offers the creators of TikTok a new way to interact and communicate with their targets audience before the event. Now you can easily see the live streams on your newsfeed.

Not only that, but the live streaming will also be available on the For You page of users. Moreover, these live streams can be discovered through different category pages of TikTok; Talents, Gaming, Fashion, etc.

Picture-in-Picture and Assigning Moderators

With this new update of TikTok , iOS and Android Apps users can easily view the live streams in picture-in-picture. The live TikTok live streams can now be viewed in picture-in-picture on iOS and Android Apps.

These new features allow them to freely use other apps while the Livestream stays at one corner of the screen. Ever heard of moderators helping you plan a Livestream?

Well yes, it is possible now with this new feature of TikTok. You can hire any person you trust who will help you with moderating the Livestream.

Click on the Settings to the right side of the Livestream launch tab.  Hosts and their moderators can mute and block users during the broadcast to keep it civil and welcoming. In the coming weeks, TikTok will add a way for creators and moderators to temporarily mute viewers and remove harmful comments.

Go Live With a Friend or Do Live Q&A

“Live Together” has been added as a new feature in this new update of TikTok . This feature allows you to invite a friend with you on live streaming. Invite your friend and talk about your favorite topic together.

TikTok developers have been keeping a close eye on the user’s interests and therefore a Live Q&A session has been added as a new feature. Through this feature, the creators can engage with their followers while they are doing the live streaming.

Keyword Filters and Harmful Comment Alerts

Now, creators can mute any word of their choice during a video Live Streaming. By specifying up to 200 terms in the keyword filter, creators can limit the number of comments in the chat to 0, or turn off comments in the LIVE launch screen.

During the Livestream, words can be added to the list by both the host and moderator. Now TikTok will warn you before you post a comment under someone’s content if it is harsh or harmful. This will let the users reflect on their words and reconsider their comments.

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