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The five key steps to efficient Operational Security Management

  • Identification of Critical Information:

You need to identify which data is most vulnerable to a potential breach. It may include the employees’ intellectual property, customer identification records, and financial archives, etc.

  • Mark the Potential Threats:

Identifying and marking the potential threats to your company and data will help you offer better protection against any adversaries.

  • Identifying your Vulnerabilities:

This stage will need you to analyze any vulnerable, weak spots that your company’s security system might have. These include lapses in the security protocols as well as the lack of security awareness training.

  • Risk Association with Each Vulnerability:

Once you have assessed all the vulnerabilities, the next step is to mark all the risks associated with each of those vulnerabilities and planning on how to recover from them if you become a target.

  • Get Ready for Fighting off the Risks:

The final step is to get your arms up and ready for a fight against threats and breaches. Updating your hardware, creating new policies and training employees are the primary steps needed.

Effective Operational Security Management is an essential part of maintaining the integrity of an organization intact. Pixelette Technologies delivers the best cybersecurity and operational security management services to help companies protect their online data against any potential breaches and threats. We have come with the five basic steps necessary to maintain effective operational security.

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