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First audio Room Feature Test in US by Facebook’s CEO

Facebook's new audio rooms are almost here
Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg hosts a new audio platform

According to the popular social website Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he hosted a test of the platform’s new audio room features with a range of Facebook executives in attendance.

The Vice president explains even more

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s vice president of reality labs, noted that the room was limited to the US and was only available for a short time.

Although the experience provided many new insights into Facebook’s in-development audio rooms, and for anyone already using Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse, this format is nearly identical.

In the images provided by TechCrunch, it is evident that the audio room was accessed via a Facebook event, which users could register for when the event became available and mark their interest.

A round bubble of the speaker’s profile appeared at the top of the screen, followed by a listing of those who are following the speaker, then all others in the room below that.

A glowing ring was displayed around the profile bubble of the active speaker at any given time.

Just like for regular Facebook Live streams, you can also see the Facebook Live Reactions flowing up the screen.

 In both cases, Facebook also offers automated captions, along with reporting functionality, so it’s similar to other audio social options.

Additionally, in the app’s Rooms status bar, Zuckerberg’s connections and followers could see the in-progress audio room while it was in progress.

 Last month, Facebook launched an initial test of its audio room feature among users in Taiwan.

The option is being introduced in the United States for the first time, and while Zuck did not provide a clear launch date, the company says more people will be able to enjoy it ‘very soon.

In the end, it feels very familiar – there’s nothing new or original about Facebook’s version of the format, at least not yet.

Similarly, Twitter has utilized a purple color in its Spaces, which Facebook has used in the main image.

Which, of course, is no accident that Facebook’s ‘innovations’ today are cloned from competitors, but the “audio rooms” of Facebook will still become a preferred option over Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces because they are a more targeted audience and provide a more immersive experience.

As reported by Bloomberg on the Facebook initial test

“For the initial rollout [in Taiwan], Facebook is limiting the test to what it says is a handful of public figures while planning to bring Live Audio Rooms to Facebook Groups as well.”

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