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Snapchat Launches a New Global Campaign for Expanding Growth Momentum

Snapchat reveals a new ad campaign for its growth revenue
Social media networking app Snapchat to expand its revenue

With this new ad campaign, Snapchat aims to generate momentum for its growth and encourage more users to use the app even more ever than before. 

As per Snapchat 

“Open Your Snapchat is an invitation for consumers and advertisers to fully dive into AR, unlocking hundreds of custom experiences localized to each market. The campaign will blanket billboards, buses, websites, and everything in between in numerous major cities across the globe.” 

Which countries will have the access? 

Hundreds of custom and city-specific creative and AR Lenses will be revealed through the use of OOH and digital placements, delivering a truly customized campaign. There are major cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Minneapolis, Mumbai, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Orlando, and Tampa.” 

What will this new ad campaign have in store for users?

With Snapchat’s viral Lenses seeing customers downloading the app and exploring its face-changing tools, AR has long been a key element to getting more users on board.

However, even though many TikTok users upload their videos to TikTok and create clips with Snap Lenses instead, Snap has been experiencing significant success with its AR effects, despite the rise of TikTok.

Snap offers visual trends and effects that can drive traffic, and since creators have been able to make AR Lenses that have created almost 1.5 million so far, there is virtually no limit to the possibilities for new forms of expression, maintaining engagement and retention.

The new campaign is a smart one focusing on AR as it seeks to solidify its audience base while using more of its many AR tools. Snap seems to be making the right move at the right time, given the introduction of AR glasses and the broader buzz around AR building. 


It has been reported, that with the launching of this new global ad campaign Snapchat users will have a chance to earn more. Apart from the app itself, it is highly anticipated that the users will have more benefit from using the app ever than before. 

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