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Snapchats Strikes New Deal with Universal Music Group

Snapchat looking to add music playlists for users
Snapchat will allow users to add sound clips now

Snapchat has added that they have partnered with the universal music group and now will enable users to add sound clips from UMG artists in-app sound library.

What else will it offer?

As of now, Snapchat will also offer audio clips from Universal artists in addition to Warner and Sony artists. Among other UMG artists, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and 50 Cent can be found.

According to some, the option is perhaps in response to TikTok’s rising popularity, which has been fueling many of its app trends with music and sounds. Thus, music has become an increasingly important element of all apps. 

On-platform engagement can undeniably be boosted by music. Approximately 80% of YouTube’s most viewed videos are music videos. With TikTok’s impact on all new music trends, the app is even influencing how musicians name and create music as a way to maximize exposure.

In this respect, it makes sense for platforms to emphasize this element more.

As part of the broader promotion, Next Reality also reports that UMG’s deal will lead to more AR Lenses featuring UMG artists in the app. 

Additionally, Snapchat notes that it is aiming to expand the curated playlists inside Sounds so users can find the right song with ease.

Snapchat explains

“Playlists will focus on genres, moods and moments that are relevant to our community, as well as songs that are trending on Snapchat.”

The social network already features categories for moods, new artists, and love in Sound, which it will build on to maximize music usage.

What will that mean for Snaps? Snap could benefit from aligning with key usage trends in addition to its own TikTok-style ‘Spotlight’ option as a result of the popularity of its TikTok-inspired ‘Spotlight’ feature.

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