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Snapchat Acquires 3D Mapping Company Pixel8Earth

Pixel8Earth is serving its 3d mapping platform to Snapchat

Snapchat is looking to expand its reach of interactivity by acquiring 3d mapping platform from Pixel8earth that will enhance the capabilities of its AR.

The company recently announced strong growth in both its user base and revenue, for which reason it is now looking to maximize its investment in the next stage of interactive, by acquiring 3D mapping platform Pixel8Earth, which will expand the capability of Snap’s advancing AR capabilities. 

Google’s Pixel8earth is a “crowd-sourced and continually updated map” that merges both terrestrial and aerial data into one representation, allowing the creation of 3D spatial maps of landscapes and structures.

It builds a more complete perspective of real-world scenes through capturing digital video content from multiple sources.

With the help of the camera within its own app, Snapchat will not only facilitate the expansion of the Pixel8Earth project, but it will also be able to expand on its AR tools like its expanding digital art installations and Landmarked Lenses.

As the City Painter app requires significant, detailed location mapping for its implementation, Snapchat has launched only one activation thus far.

By acquiring Pixel8Earth, however, it is possible that it will be able to greatly enhance its capabilities on this front, which may allow users of the app to experience new levels of interactive experiences – literally.

Although Snap did not officially confirm that it is developing a new Spectacles model with Augmented Reality capabilities, insiders are reporting that work on the project is progressing significantly, at least in relation to testing prototypes with our development partners.

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