Share personal pictures and videos on whatsapp

share Personal Pictures and Videos Without any Risk on Whatsapp

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disappearing photo and video option welcomed by users
WhatsApp makes it easier to exchange nudes

In a move that aligns with Snapchat’s original playbook, WhatsApp has introduced auto-erase video and photo options that will automatically disappear after they are opened, providing a new option for users to maintain privacy.

As far as mocking observations are concerned, the new feature will provide another way for WhatsApp users to communicate, which may be useful for sharing private information such as passwords. This will be used for sending nudes. We all know it.

As Explained by WhatsApp:

“The new View Once icon will distinguish them from other messages sent on WhatsApp, as well as protecting them from being seen by WhatsApp. When viewed once, the media is protected by end-to-end encryption, so that WhatsApp cannot see the content.”

It was revealed online a few examples of the function in testing within WhatsApp, which has been in development for some time. In accordance with Snapchat, WhatsApp’s disappearing messages behave much like its counterpart on Snapchat, with one important difference: WhatsApp users are not notified if their messages are screenshotted or screen recorded. Its approach to privacy and its relationship with parent company Facebook has prompted scrutiny lately, and WhatsApp has come under pressure as a result.

In the past few months, WhatsApp users have deleted the app after it announced that it would share more user data with Facebook to serve its business functions better. After some backlash, WhatsApp has provided more clarification on the changes (for clarity, your personal messages will not be affected), but despite this, there remains distrust of the app and its future data-sharing intentions.

It should be a lot more fun!

As such, disappearing content could be viewed as an opportunity to regain some of the audience’s trust by offering more privacy-related tools while adding more fun, engaging way of sharing updates and increasing engagement with the app.

Although this is not a major development, as several other messaging apps have provided a similar capability for some time, it is one more thing WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app should consider. From this week, all users will have access to the new option, which you can read more about, and find out how to protect your privacy.

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