Pixelette Technologies

We provide a standard wireless connection with ZIGBEE for IoT devices.

We improve configuration of wireless network for smooth communication.

When it comes to smart devices connectivity, the experts at Pixellete technologies recommend the ZIGBEE protocol for the strong synchronization between intelligent machines. We infuse the ZIGBEE wireless network with a mesh network topology for enhancing the proximity of two connected devices. It allows data transmission over a long distance through a mesh network.

Pixellete technologies make your device ZIGBEE-enable for smooth communication in the Environment

The innovative IoT solution requires the smartest wireless solution that is currently providing through the ZIGBEE protocol and mesh networking. Pixelette technologies use an intelligent approach to configure the wireless network for smooth communication. This technology applies to home automation, computerized devices for data collection, industrial IoT, and other small-scale projects.

Our Benefits

Multi source product

Our developed ZIGBEE wireless network works in a wide range of products, such as automated home security systems, smart home appliances, ZIGBEE enable computing machines, etc.

Remote management

A high level of connectivity with our advanced ZIGBEE network helps you to control data management over a long distance.

Security model

We can build the ZIGBEE protocol for improving home security services. You can access the trusted devices available within the security network.


Support multiple network topologies

We use ZIGBEE with three types of topologies for better communication. It includes cluster free topology, Star topology, and peer to peer topology.

We help you create an open-source smart device with our ZIGBEE Protocol.


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