Pixelette Technologies


Pixelette technologies provide an AI-based connectivity solution with Wi-Fi.

Enhance the connectivity range of smart devices with Wi-Fi connectivity.

With the progress of the Internet of Things, wireless connectivity becomes a significant requirement for IoT based devices. Pixelette technologies are providing a reliable solution to make the devices work with a better association. It supports broadband and narrowband IoT applications for building a strong connection. It can help the user to control and access the Wi-Fi enabled devices.

We use Wi-Fi as a communication channel to connect devices for an optimized operation.

Wi-Fi-enabled devices work with better efficiency and speed. Therefore, we consider Wi-Fi as the best communication solution to connect with the device up to 90-meters. We ensure the connectivity range, energy efficiency, data throughput, and speed. The smart device makes it ubiquitous with the best Wi-Fi connectivity approach. It helps small to large-scale consumer IoT applications in developing strong communication.

Our Benefits

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Time saving

Wifi-enable devices save your time in transferring, analysing, and controlling the stored data.

Long range connectivity

It enables you to connect with the AI-based devices up to 90 meters.

Energy efficient

Extensive data transmission becomes a simple task with our advanced AI connectivity solution.

Customer support team

We believe in customer satisfaction, so our team assists the client in a longer run.

Improve our best connectivity approach to make your IoT devices IoT enable.


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