Purpose of telemarketing call center

Eager to find customers to sell your products or services? Benefit from Pixelette technologies experienced telemarketing agents.

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Typically, inbound call center receives calls from existing or potential clients, mostly requiring assistance with a product or service they already bought. In comparison, outbound call center tends to make calls to potential clients. The outbound call centers have been known for gathering market research by calling customers to offer them discounts and deals. Additionally, sales teams may use outbound calls for cold calling potential customers about discounts.

Why is outsourcing your outbound call center great for your business?

Many companies realize they need to provide fast, professional service over the phone. However, most people drop the idea of outsourcing the telemarketing department because of a misconception that it is expensive. Setting up a call center within the company is more costly than hiring a call center company. With us, you don't need to make room in your company to set up small cubicles because we have them for you! Pixelette Technologies' outbound call center services allow your business to grow sales while improving customer service.

Persuading potential clients requires a great deal of knowledge, training and practice. That is why our customers choose Pixelette Technologies to get top-tier phone specialists with the experience, knowledge and skills to give your business the edge in a highly competitive market.

How Pixelette Technologies will help you increase sales

Lead generation

We specialize in business to business and business to customer sales. It is important to understand the significance of a well-organized call center department. Our call center builds future sales opportunities as well as addresses pressing customer concerns. Transform your main customer contact portal into a lead generation machine with Pixelette Technologies outbound call center tools and services. By outsourcing to us, you can simply converge your resources on more essential tasks. We feature advanced research methods to let you discover opportunities for new business or improve your current products and services.

We use economies of scale and highly efficient outbound call center software to deliver services in a cost-effective manner. Pixelette Technologies helps you optimize ROI for a variety of tasks and customer outreach initiatives. And thanks to our outbound call center software – we use the most advanced technology for all of our business process outsourcing – optimal efficiency is always ensured. With assistance from our outbound call center agents, we will be able to gather useful feedback from prospective clients. It is priceless for businesses struggling to establish themselves in the industry.

Gathering feedback

Cross up selling

Telemarketing requires attentive minds to be able to make the sales pitch at just the right time. Pixelette Technologies have just the right professionals who have extensive experience in acquiring sales out of nothing. Moreover, our call center specialists are proficient in the language and smooth in delivering your sales pitch.

Our Benefits

Grow sales

With Intense training, our call center agents learn essential sales techniques, and they can help you boost your business.

Build your brand

Customers tend to form impressions about your brand quickly on the phone. We are here to help you establish your brand identity.

Improve customer service

Our outbound call services agents are trained to take orders, close sales, and resolve problems in a timely, professional manner.


Our call center department brings the option of increasing your resources and output.





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