We Safeguard Your Apps with Application Hardening

Pixelette Technologies’ system hardening services ensure the safety and security of your systems against cyberattacks.

Sub Services

Our application hardening/shielding techniques prevent theft and misuse of your applications. Our cybersecurity team understands the risks vulnerability exploitation presents and uses its security solutions to make it extremely difficult for attackers to modify or damage your applications. Application hardening is an integral part of any effective defense strategy if your business needs a safe and trusted mobile environment.

Our team uses several techniques for application hardening. We place defense mechanisms such as code obfuscation, binary packing, and white-box cryptography to prevent reverse engineering attacks. To protect your application from tampering, measures such as root/jailbreak detection and integrity detection are used. Rest assured, our application hardening services will defend you against the most sophisticated cyberattacks!

We Remove vulnerabilities in Your Operating System

We want our clients to stay protected from all types of cyberattacks. We leave no stone unturned when protecting your systems from hackers. Operating system hardening techniques used by our cybersecurity team configure your OS for security. We create tailored rules and policies and remove unnecessary applications from your operating systems to mitigate any risk of cyberattacks. Using Pixelette Technologies’ cybersecurity services, your sensitive data stays protected, and you get peace of mind.

Our team uses OS hardening checklists, so no weak spots are left in your operating system. Many businesses use default security settings for their operating systems. However, almost all OS available for use are not secure on these default settings. Carry out your business activities using operating systems that are configured correctly by us! 

Chances are your business uses its server for data management. The entire information about your business flows through your central server. You do not worry about hackers accessing and damaging your sensitive files if you use our cybersecurity services. Just like operating systems, servers need to be configured correctly to keep intruders out. In fact, our experienced cybersecurity team has its checklist for server hardening.

The checklist includes accounts credentials, services and components, vulnerability patches, firewalls and much more. Our team works on each part individually, so your server is protected from all sorts of cyberattacks. Use our cybersecurity services to maximize your servers’ security. We will scan your servers and install precautionary measures to keep your precious data safe. Pixelette Technology has you covered against cyberattacks.

Pixelette Technologies Protects Your Servers from Cyberattacks

We Use the Best Database Hardening Practices

Many businesses keep the physical machine hosting the database in a secure location. However, physical security is not enough to keep hackers out. What you need are firewalls for your database servers. And Pixelette Technologies has a lot of sophisticated firewalls. We configure firewalls as needed by your database. Complex rules are put in place to deny any unauthorized traffic from reaching your database.

Our cybersecurity team is properly equipped to deal with various types of digital attacks. They will prevent data loss, leakage or theft so your business can thrive in its digital space.  

Our Benefits

Secure Configurations

We configure your applications, servers, operating systems and networks in a way that deters cyberattacks from trying to steal your data. 

Comprehensive Checklists

We use detailed checklists to ensure we cover every single vulnerability in your systems to enhance overall protection.

Multi-layered Defense

We understand the importance of using multiple security systems together. Our multi-layered defenses keep hackers out of your system.

In-depth Reviews

We carry out detailed reviews and audits of your systems to highlight weak spots and other areas that require improvements.

Pixelette Technologies is well-versed in hardening standards, processes and strategies. Let us protect your digital space!

frequently asked questions

The goal of System Hardening is to reduce IT vulnerability and the possibility of being compromised by reducing the attack surface and attack vectors which attackers constantly seek to exploit for malicious activity.

For enforcing operating system security and OS hardening: Perform automatic updates; remove unnecessary drivers; remove unnecessary file and library sharing; secure local storage; tighten registry and other system permissions; log customer activity; implement privileged user controls.

Database hardening refers to different ways of restricting admin access so that you limit what users can do; enable node checking to verify applications and users; encrypt database information—both in transit and at rest; introduce role-based access control privileges; and remove unused accounts.

Start by setting up an enterprise wide program to manage and promote system hardening in the organization. The plan is based on the premise that hardening standards will focus on the most common platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Oracle, as well as information technology assets, including servers, databases, networks and workstations.

To harden your network, you must ensure that your firewall is properly configured, that all rules are subject to regular auditing, secure remote access points and users, block any unused or unnecessary open network ports, disable and remove unnecessary protocols and services, implement access lists, and encrypt network traffic.

Hardening a server happens where all servers are in a secure data center; you never test hardening on production servers; always harden servers before connecting them to the internet or external networks; avoid installing unnecessary software on a server; segregate servers appropriately; ensure superuser and administrative shares are properly set up, and that rights and access are limited in line with the principle of least privilege.





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