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We develop comprehensive social media marketing strategies that aim to boost the online presence of businesses whilst boosting their brand awareness and increasing their profitability and return on investment.
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The most important relationship that a business can have is with its customers. Businesses and industries need to develop practical and targeted marketing channels to establish a clear line of communication between the business and the customer. This is critical for any business looking to understand and cater to the requirements of their target audience.

This is where the talented team of specialists at Pixelette Technologies comes into play. Our experts offer social media marketing services that cater to the needs of different customer groups. We come up with strategies that effectively transform your business’s approach to marketing your brand image. The entire responsibility of ensuring that the broader aspects of your business’s marketing and branding needs are taken care of falls on us.

Define Your Brand The
Way You Want

Our social media experts also specialise in creating powerful marketing content to effectively increase your brand’s reach and engagement with target audiences. Our approach to content creation is based on enhancing the audience’s experience, whilst engaging and expanding the audience, and eventually turning them into customers.

We will also take on the responsibility of publishing content based on strategies explicitly devised for your business. We will create and publish the narrative you want to put out into the world in an attractive manner.

Manage Your Brand With Ease

When you partner with us, our team starts by extensively analysing and researching market trends and strategies employed by competitor businesses so that you can stay one step ahead of the game. We work tirelessly to sustain your existing customer base and the community created around your brand so that your loyal customers are given the utmost care and consideration and are never disappointed. On top of that, we attract more customers to increase your customer base and increase sales.

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

Regardless of whether you are operating a startup or an established brand, there are several advantages link to the establishment of a sustained presence on social media networks. If you implement an effective social media marketing strategy, you can boost the traffic being directed to your business, generate more leads, and nurture customer engagement and brand loyalty. Some of the benefits of social media marketing services include:

Brand Recognition

Our social media marketing services are comprehensive and tailored to your needs. From initial market research to publishing, our content is geared towards creating brand recognition. Pixelette Technologies will always be your partner in working diligently to optimise and enhance every aspect of your social media marketing strategy.

Increasing Traffic

Every aspect of the strategies we devise is tailored and personalised to meet the unique requirements set forth by the client. We employ up-to-date tactics and generate high-quality content in order to boost the traffic being directed towards your social media profiles, leading to increased awareness regarding your business.

Connecting With Audiences

We establish an effective channel between your business and your customers, making it easier for you to gauge what your customers need firsthand. The information collected from our thorough research into your customers will be applied in the development of a strategy that is able to help your business reach more people.

Increased Profitability

We understand that the end goal of every business venture is to drive more sales, increase revenue, and in turn boost the profitability of your business. Our experts will develop cost-effective social media strategies that will aim to maximize your business profits without the need to spend high amounts of money.

Boost Online Exposure

Social media marketing services are continually growing and evolving, becoming a key marketing resource for businesses looking to establish a sustained online presence. Our experts utilise platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. in order to generate interest in the client’s business.

Result-Oriented Strategies For Maximum Outreach

Is your brand struggling to gain momentum and get the desired results on social media platforms? Establishing yourself as a market leader can often be a daunting and challenging undertaking. However, with the right approach, and data-driven social media marketing services, you can boost your brand recognition and position yourself at the top of your market.

Their are several aspects you need to get right when it comes to drafting a social media marketing strategy. From choosing the right channels to developing an effective plan of action, every step is crucial in making sure that your brand is able to nurture development and growth. Some of the practices we follow when it comes to an effective social media marketing strategy include:

  • Conducting extensive market research
  • Identifying the perfect social media marketing platforms
  • Analyzing trends related to the target audience
  • Identifying audience behaviour
  • Crafting engaging content
  • Engaging with followers on social media channels
  • Running targeted social media advertisement campaigns
  • Merging your marketing channels
  • Collaborating with industry influencers
  • Optimising your social media pages
  • Ensuring brand consistency across platforms
Platforms We Utilise

As the world of commerce transitions into the digital age, more and more businesses have struggled to generate business. The main reason behind this lack of performance is the inability of businesses to adopt the ever-changing needs of commerce. Pixelette Technologies can help your business grow across multiple social media platforms, nurturing growth by attracting new potential leads and generating brand awareness. The platforms we utilise to help your business grow include:








frequently asked questions

One of Google's biggest SEO announcements of the year, the Page Experience Update confirms that user experience will become an important ranking factor in 2021. The Google Page Experience Update is based on metrics including page load speed, responsiveness, interactivity, and whether content layout shifts as the page loads. Google has completed an update focusing on displaying only high-quality links in their search results. An improved user experience should lead to a better ranking for the web page.
This popular SEO tool called Ahref is second only to Google in the number of website crawlers on the internet. SEO experts can’t get enough of Ahrefs’ Site Audit feature as it highlights what parts of your website need improvement to rank better in search engines.
Search engines can crawl pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, however it is unclear how much influence these pages have on search algorithms and rankings, too, as the activities on these platforms themselves don't appear to affect SEO directly.
SEO is a user-centric digital marketing approach which isn’t intrusive like cold calls and spam Ad emails. It lets the user search for the content and products that they want to of their own accord. It is also a free method of increasing traffic to your website and generating leads for your business based on certain set rules and guidelines.
A few SEO techniques and practices include aligning your content with search intent, writing a compelling title tag and meta description, optimising your images, optimizing your page speed, improving your user experience, including keywords in your URL, and creating authority backlinks.
While SEO focuses mainly on improving the rankings of the website and can lead to different visitors, SMO focuses mainly on driving traffic through social media platforms. The primary and core function of both, SMO & SEO, is to drive relevant traffic to the website in the long run. It makes sense that they should cooperate to achieve this goal.

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