Social Media Advertising


Social media advertising is the specialty of our dedicated team of professionals

Pixelette technologies offer innovative social media advertising services that are unique and allows you to engage your target audience in whole new ways.

Sub Services

Pixelette's skilled team of social media specialists will not only cater to the needs of different groups of clients, but they will provide strategies that will help your business transform its marketing strategy while also increasing your brand's image. In addition to creating powerful marketing content, our social media experts will create tailored marketing campaigns to intensify your brand's reach and engagement with audiences. In content creation, we will strive to enhance an audience's experience with it and then expanding our audience. We will also publish content in accordance with strategies tailor made for your business. Our  team will also ensure that you stay one step ahead of the competition by researching and analyzing market trends and strategies employed by other businesses, and work tirelessly to ensure your product’s enduring success, as well as the satisfaction of your loyal customers.

Advertise across all social media platforms

We will use various online platforms to increase your brands reach such as Facebook. Almost two billion unique monthly active Facebook users spend at least 40 minutes per day on the site. Facebook ads allow business owners to finely target and reach a specific consumer market without going overboard. Pixelette technologies' Facebook advertising services help businesses of all sizes in increasing organic Facebook engagement and boosted engagement, Increasing web traffic from Facebook Creating a solid fan base of returning customers, Getting more leads through dynamic buyer-stage marketing. Businesses — realizing they often lack the necessary resources to launch high-performing Instagram campaigns — are able to rely on us for assistance. When making a purchase decision, 74% of consumers use social media. You'll be making their decision easier with a solid social media presence. Keeping up to date with the latest industry updates, algorithm changes, and best practices, we can help drive your business forward and deliver the best results possible. We offer focus on various stages of the buyer journey from awareness to conversion among your key audiences, all within your set budgets. Our services include: Facebook Advertising Services, Instagram Advertising Services, Pinterest Advertising services, Twitter Advertising services, LinkedIn advertising services. We can employ our agency’s expertise to make the most of your advertising budget by focusing on the exact audiences who matter the most to you using factors such as location, interests, demographics, behaviors, and more.

Our Benefits

Reach more interested leads

By running a social media advertising campaign through us, you'll attract people interested in similar products to the ones you offer. This enables you to connect with these leads and show them your stuff.

Concentrate on running your business

If you invest in Pixelette technologies' advertising services, you won't need to worry about running a campaign while running your business. You can focus on your day-to-day operations while we manage your social media campaign.

Increased traffic

It is the nature of social media posts and campaigns that even if one simple post from your account becomes viral and popular, it causes a domino effect that leads more people to view your business, products, and content, and thereby increases your customer base.

Tell the story of your business

Your values, mission statement, and goals will be portrayed as a narrative so that your customers will embrace your business wholeheartedly.

You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.

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