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One of the most incredible things about search engine optimization is that it provides organic traffic and leads from your target audience. It's an inbound marketing strategy, unlike outbound marketing strategies where you have to get to every person whether he needs you or not or is interested in hearing you. Inbound strategies make it effortless for you to reach people when they need you. It makes it even better when you hire an award-winning search engine optimization company like Pixelette Technologies that provides affordable SEO services


We carry out proper keyword research to drive traffic

Keyword research is the most essential part for the search engine optimization rankings. Pixelette Technologies is a pro in selecting SEO optimized keywords according to the needs and requirements of your business.

Pixelette Technologies is a multi-award-winning company that provides affordable SEO services and helps businesses improve their brand awareness and online presence by placing them on top of the search engine result pages through different On-page SEO strategies that work. We will use efficient marketing techniques to help you generate massive organic traffic on your website to elevate your brand in today’s digital marketplace.

Increase organic traffic through on-page optimization

By hiring Pixelette Technologies you will get free of cost ads in SEO

When you create a page that search engines consider worthy to direct users to. It can bring you qualitative and quantitative traffic for years. Creating eye-catching content requires your investment. It could be in the form of time if you look to do it by your yourself or it could be done by investing some money if you decide to get our company’s services. But it requires just one investment afterward there won’t be any ongoing charges and your position at the top of SEO results is free of cost.

There are several ways you can enhance your website and magnify the user experience. This includes providing your customers web pages with easy navigation, easy-to-understand content, and other related things. This eventually leads to more traffic and will significantly increase your company’s sales. Our agile team of developers can do all the hard work to take your website to higher rankings.

We will use AI SEO tools which will help for a better user experience

We will increase your conversion rates by driving quality traffic to your website

Higher ranking of websites on google and other search engines always results in better conversion rates. Our company will make sure that your website always tops the ranking charts. Your target audience will always be aware of you as long as you hire our services to stay at the top. This further proves that a top SEO digital company like Pixelette Technologies is all your business needs to make an eye-catching presence online.

Our SEO services will further decrease your advertising costs. With our company, you won’t need PPC or other advertising tools because you already are top at the ranking charts.

With Pixelette Technologies you will be able to manage your costs efficiently

Our Benefits

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Cost efficient

We offer cost effective yet proficient SEO services to help our customers.

AI tools

We use AI tools and technologies to help our customers rank high on the search engines.

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Quantify the performance

Our team not only offer quality SEO services but will also nourish the website to work in the best ways.

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Technical Solution

Our probability-based SEO techniques enable the customers to tackle problems more intelligently.

We use all elements of search engine optimization to yield results for our customers in the most organized ways.

frequently asked questions

One of Google's biggest SEO announcements of the year, the Page Experience Update confirms that user experience will become an important ranking factor in 2021. The Google Page Experience Update is based on metrics including page load speed, responsiveness, interactivity, and whether content layout shifts as the page loads. Google has completed an update focusing on displaying only high-quality links in their search results. An improved user experience should lead to a better ranking for the web page. 

This popular SEO tool called Ahref is second only to Google in the number of website crawlers on the internet. SEO experts can’t get enough of Ahrefs’ Site Audit feature as it highlights what parts of your website need improvement to rank better in search engines.

Search engines can crawl pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, however it is unclear how much influence these pages have on search algorithms and rankings, too, as the activities on these platforms themselves don't appear to affect SEO directly.

SEO is a user-centric digital marketing approach which isn’t intrusive like cold calls and spam Ad emails. It lets the user search for the content and products that they want to of their own accord. It is also a free method of increasing traffic to your website and generating leads for your business based on certain set rules and guidelines.

A few SEO techniques and practices include aligning your content with search intent, writing a compelling title tag and meta description, optimising your images, optimizing your page speed, improving your user experience, including keywords in your URL, and creating authority backlinks.

While SEO focuses mainly on improving the rankings of the website and can lead to different visitors, SMO focuses mainly on driving traffic through social media platforms. The primary and core function of both, SMO & SEO, is to drive relevant traffic to the website in the long run. It makes sense that they should cooperate to achieve this goal.





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