Pixelette Technologies


We create an innovative IoT system with RFID technology.

Make Your System Secured with the used of our AI-enabled RFID Technology.

Pixelette technologies are diversely using RFID technology in IoT. It enables the objects to communicates with each other by creating specified RFID tags. RFID-supported IoT devices can do real-time tracking for building a highly encrypted IoT system. We consider this smart technique to make the connected device capable of working intelligently.

We enable smooth data transmission through RFID connected devices.

The radiofrequency identification technology allows the connected devices to identify the object, location, and other related information in just a one-time scan. It is a safe, reliable, and time-saving approach for various organizations. It is useful in asset tracking, asset management, staff tracking, inventory management, and infection control.

Our Benefits

Time saving

Save your time by using RFID technology. It helps the IoT system to read and identify the object for security or management purpose.

Enhanced productivity

RFID technology can improve the productivity of the IoT system by optimizing the schedule.

Quick tracking

It quickly tracks and recognizes the data for easy management.


Customer support team

We help our client in resolving the issues they have during product installation or operation.

Pixelette technologies will let you have an RFID supported IoT system.


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