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If your company is exhausted from managing the entire business and need someone to take a little burden off of your shoulders, then we are here for you! Pixelette Tech now offers Order Management Services. We will cover all the hassle related to Order Management while you can sit back and focus on thriving your business. Our services include Business to Business (B2B) as well as Business to Consumer (B2C) order management. We will also manage all the Order to Cash (O2C) matters proficiently, all from a single platform, which will save your company its precious time and energy. Our highly trained team of workers makes sure that all of the minuscule matters are managed so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The key to a successful flourishing business is a receptive and responsive Order Management System, and Pixelette helps you achieve that.

Our services will cover the entire process starting right from when a customer places an order online! We scan through the data, store the relevant information, the customers’ contact details, his payment preferences, etc. and we work on that information. We also keep track of the volume of orders for you. Order management services are the need of the hour. To run your systems efficiently and to make them error-proof, you must let someone take care of order management! And when you need us, we will be right here for you

Our Benefits

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Centralised orders

Order Management services can help you centralize all of your orders in one single place.

Real-time Order Status

Managing real-time order status and keeping the customers well-informed can improve the customer’s experience.

Managing the inventory

By hiring a third-party Order Management service, you can keep a check on your inventory and stocks as well.

Achieving order accuracy

Right from when the order is taken up to its delivery, accuracy and smooth flow of information is necessary to achieve order accuracy.

Prevent your inventory oversight with our well-designed order management system.


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