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People use search engines like Google all of the time to get answers to their queries, look for solutions for problems, or for just about anything.

Creating SEO Content

As we have already established, the content on your website is the key to deciding whether your website becomes the most frequent-visited website for queries or not.  To make your webpage available to the user, we recommend making yourself acquainted with the user's intention. Pixelette Technologies help you achieve that end in the following ways.

What is it that decides which website has the best solution to the user's problems? More importantly, how can you get your website to the top of all other SERPs? How can you reach a position where it is your website that people find themselves consulting the most for their internet queries? On-Page SEO refers to the method of updating web page content for two purposes. For one, they make a website visible to the end-users. Secondly, it is the critical component of a website that makes it available on search engines and puts it on a higher rank among the most viewed websites in the search engine. On-Page SEOs help optimize webpage content, Title tags,  URLs, and whatnot. Google surveys your webpage's content to ensure it comes under the appropriate option to be presented to the inquirer. The deciding factor in ensuring your website's presence among the top-most websites on search engines is the keywords.  Whenever you search for anything on the Google search bar, your typed inquiry becomes the keyword. Google matches your keywords with the relevant website.

There are five types of content; blog posts, product, category, landing pages, or videos. We pick the relevant content type that is deemed most appropriate for the user. In this way, your webpage is likely to be the first webpage that the user comes across.


Content Format

Your content format can embody one of the five shapes;  how-tos, listicles, news articles, opinion pieces, or reviews. Our workforce picks and chooses the suitable content format that your user requires.

Content Angle may refer to anything that's on the inquirer's mind when he makes queries. In these cases, you have to take a leap of faith and decide what the users mean when they type 'best restaurants in London.' Do they mean cheaper ones or luxurious ones? Either way, Pixelette Technologies helps you make up your mind and propose what is best for your website to get the most incoming traffic

Content Angle

Advanced On-Page Optimization

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets is a SERP feature that shows at the top of search results below the search bar. The purpose of Featured Snippets is to provide the user with an abridged answer to his query from a website.  Our team helps you design featured snippets that are sure to get your website to the top of every search engine.

Rich Snippets with Schema Mark-ups
It is a cost-efficient approach to train your computer smartly. The artificially intelligent device does not only save energy, but it also takes minimum time for the operation.

The bigger question is how to get your website to get to the top of search engine results? Pixelette Technologies is the agency that will help you achieve that end.

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