Pixelette Technologies

Improve connectivity with robust communicational network structure.

Pixelette technologies let your machines connected by building a strong communicational network

Internet connectivity needs strong communication technology. Therefore, Pixelette technologies are providing advanced LPWANS to connect the devices to the internet. LPWANS is comprised of two terms, i.e., low-power and wide-area-network. The low power technology enables the IOT device to operate on smaller batteries while wide-area-network extends the range of connectivity. We use LPWANs technology in telemetry networks, inter-machine interaction, and the Internet of Things.

Extend the IoT devices connectivity with an advanced LPWANS protocol.

Our designed LPWANS systems use bandwidth transmission to provide long-range connectivity of devices. We also apply the innovative signal processing method to make a stronger communicational network structure. This technology is also useful in collecting statistical and technical data from different devices for quick data analysis. We offer cellular and non-cellular LPWANs protocol to the communicational devices.

Our Benefits

Low Cost module

IoT devices with LPWANs technology does not require high power batteries for consistent operation. It reduces the cost of the operational cost of LPWANs technologies.

Universal protocol

It operates through cellular and non-cellular protocols to enable LPWANs protocol on all IoT devices.

Long distance IoT communication

Our forceful LPWANs based IoT devices enable you to communicate at distances of between 3-20 km.



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Time saving approach

Transmission of data over a long-range becomes convenient with a powerful communication network.

We consider LPWANs as the reliable element of our artificially developed IoT system.


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