What is Java Web Development, and how we use it?

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Java web applications use distributed computing that runs on many computers over a network. This method helps enterprises to update and maintain their application network and servers. It eliminates the need for software installation on client computers. Java usage in creating web applications is extensive. Current web development in Java mostly uses servlets behind the scenes.

Generally, Java apps consist of two containers: the web container and the Java Enterprise Edition (EE) container. Web containers support the execution of Java servlets and JavaServer Pages. Java EE containers support additional functionality. Developers at Pixelette Technologies use Java EE containers for load balancing and performance improvements.

Excellent Java Web Application Development Services

Java is one of the most useful and important languages that gained a reputation worldwide for creating customized web applications. Pixelette Technologies has been harnessing the power of Java web development to the core managing open-source Java-based systems all over the globe. Java allows developers to develop unique web applications in less time with low expenses.
Pixelette Technologies provides customized Java web development services and Java Application development services that meet client requirements and business needs. Being a leading Java web application development company in the UK, we have delivered the best services to thousands of clients throughout the world.

Our Java development services are targeted at delivering solutions that bring tangible business benefits. We also enable sustainable enterprise development with custom Java applications for ERP and business process management automation: Business Intelligence, Corporate Intranet / Extranet, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management, Inventory Management, Finance & Accounting, etc.

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The Methodology used by Pixelette Technologies

At Pixelette Technologies, our software development and delivery processes are very progressive. We use the Lean-Agile methodology, and Agile emphasizes interaction among individuals over processes and tools. Increased interaction between technical and business groups produces new ideas and innovative approaches. Superior quality is the ultimate result.
Agile development continues to lead projects in business communities across the globe. Agile eliminates lengthy waterfall project timelines in Java web applications development.
Scrum, another Agile development methodology, utilizes Sprints. Aptly named, sprints are time-boxed iterations and form the basis of Scrum. Sprints usually last 2-4 weeks. During this time, the Java development team completes a previously-planned amount of work. The team delivers their completed work at the end of the sprint.

Our Benefits

Custom Java Development
Uses joint and integrated approach in modifying Java-based apps and website to live up to the businesses’ requirements
Java Application & Maintenance Support
Ensures smooth workflow of the app and site with all-time active Java application as well as maintenance technical support
Java/J2EE Development
Renders scalable, robust, high-end & economical Java application utilizing the cutting-edge framework J2EE brilliantly for diverse enterprises
Java Software Development
Leverages cutting-edge Java framework to code the best software that can systematize the workflow of mind-numbing organization related tasks

The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple.

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According to the design and development work, Java's latest technologies are based on current global trends. This includes reactive development, serverless architecture, and data science. This software platform balances stability and innovation for business enterprises and developers. By hiring Java developers from a reputable development company, you can take advantage of its powerful features for your business. There are many reasons why Java is among the most popular tools for enterprise application development. It's a strong combination of simplicity and robustness, making it ideal for Android and web application development.

One of the primary objectives of the Java programming language was to create a portable, simple, and secure programming language. However, other excellent features of this language also play an important role in its popularity. Java is simple, object-oriented, portable, platform-independent, secure, robust, architecture-neutral, and dynamic.





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