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IT assessment is necessary to keep your system up and running. Pixelette Technologies has been conducting IT assessments for decades. We deliver the best results and offer the best solution to help your system keep up with the top-ranked companies.

Software and Hardware Recovery

Data storage is an essential part of an IT network. Therefore, In this step, we keep track of where you store your data, whether or not the data you hold is adequately managed or not and lastly, how do you go about backing up your data. These steps ensure that your information is legitimate and that there is no suspicious activity on any level within your organisation. This will also help you locate any and every loophole within your organisation so that you may fill it. Disaster recovery is another credential that we take pride in. If you do not take security measures and/or back up data regularly, it is about time. Our liability is to remind you that your data needs to be backed up regularly so that you may secure as much data as possible in times of disaster.

First and foremost, all sorts of hardware within your organisation must be accounted for. This includes all routers, servers, nodes, computers and WIFI switches. Secondly, it is also mandatory that you get all of your software from both server and nodes documented, including the Operating system, Microsoft office and other application Softwares. Lastly, it is in your interest to see that the software under your use is licensed or not. Pixelette Technologies will document all of your hardware and software equipment within a reasonable time.

Data Storage and Disaster Recovery

User Access and Security

We help you form a connection with IT experts who use their experience and capability to tell you what is the best course of action that you should take to make your services user-friendly. We also ensure that your data is not accessible to malicious people who would see your organisation down and out. Our expertise in cyber-security will significantly come in handy in ensuring that your information is off-limits to cyber attackers.

Our IT assessments also include maintenance and upgrades. If you are looking to keeping your system up-to-date with the latest systems used by top rank companies, then you should consider choosing us as your allies. We ensure that your equipment and your system is maintained regularly. In addition, we also imbue your system with the latest upgrades to ensure that it works at its maximum capacity.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Our Benefits

State-of-the-Art Tools

Our cybersecurity team uses the best resources such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze your systems. 

Tried and Tested Strategies

Our team has many years of experience in cybersecurity. Our strategies are field-tested and are effective at keeping your digital presence safe.

Detailed Audits

We review your systems in detail and pinpoint every vulnerability and patch it before intruders try to infect your systems with malware.

Get Expert Suggestions

We help you overcome shortcomings in your IT infrastructure using our experts’ best practices.

Pixelette Technologies will check every nook and cranny of your IT department and give suggestions about how your IT department can supersede IT departments of other notable firms.

frequently asked questions

Cyber security risk assessments identify those information assets that could be affected by a cyberattack (computers, servers, equipment, customer data, intellectual property). They are then analyzed for the risks associated with those assets. Types of data protection controls are selected as controls to enhance risk management.

Businesses with 50 employees can expect to pay $10,000 for a typical cybersecurity risk assessment.

Information security programs should have procedures to identify vulnerabilities and threats that continue to be effective. Risk identification identifies groups of threats, including cybersecurity threats. The risk identification process can be improved by categorising threats, sources, and vulnerabilities with a taxonomy. Management should perform these risk identification activities to determine the institution's information security risk profile, including cyber risk.

The most common security threats are: Trojan horse, Adware and spyware, Computer worm, DOS and DDOS attack, Phishing. Rootkit, SQL Injection attack, MIM attacks.





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