Enhance customer experience and engagement with our Inbound call center services

Pixelette Technologies is assisting businesses to up-lift their brand reputation by providing exemplary contact center services. Our fully trained call center agents are committed to meet provided sales target and elevate the customer service experience. The company's dedication to building trust, raising expectations, meet sales targets, and imprinting a professional image is creating new success stories. Satisfactory call center services sway customer's minds in deciding whether to buy from a specific vendor or not. Keeping that in mind, the qualified professionals at our company handle your frustrated and confused customers and provide them with appreciated customer service so that they spread a positive word about you. Moreover, we offer very economical packages for small businesses and promote their brand with excellent call center services.

Our inbound customer contact services offer extensive knowledge and experience in this field

Inbound call centre services may provide a simple message-taking service or comprehensive customer service in response to incoming calls from clients and other companies. Entrepreneurs often neglect the importance of quality call center services. However, the call center experience matters the most to the customers. Whether consciously or subconsciously, the customer's decision depends on how a representative of that company communicates. To make that experience once-in-a-lifetime and soothingly pleasant, Pixelette Technologies offers you the best inbound call center services. We promise uninterrupted service with live monitoring by the most experienced staff. Also, quality control to ensure deliverance of the highest caliber. Followed by SMS and email alert to the customer with a prompt feedback form to gather customer feedback and always strive to introduce methods popular among customers.

Have you ever had a talk with a customer representative and forgot to ask something important on call? And then you couldn't get back because their service hours ended? Well, with Pixelette Technologies, your customers will never have to wait for the next day to ask a question. With our inbound call center services, customers can contact back even after office hours. It will increase brand reputation and also make a lasting impression. Our call center agents keep a record of every call and trigger instant SMS and email alerts. If you are concerned about inadequate customer service, you have Pixelette Technologies on your side!

Business hour answering and after hour answering

When should you consider outsourcing your call center services?

There are numerous kinds of call center services. Some simply rely on message taking and generating queries for relevant departments. At the same time, others hear customer queries and provide solutions dynamically. However, you should consider outsourcing inbound call center services in case of the following:

Decreasing customers

If your analytics suggest a decline in customers, then there must be some key areas where you are lacking. Therefore, it is vital to start gathering data on customer feedback. And there is nothing better than collecting feedback from your active customers. A dedicated call center in london can make that happen in no time!

Inconsistent brand voice

There has to be a similarity among all the call center agents. Answering phone calls differently sends out an improper message, and there are chances that customers might not be very pleased with the different script they hear every time.


Call center services are not to be thought about as something secondary. Customer opinion and service are held in the highest regard by top-notch companies. Therefore, if you cannot answer your customers decently, then it's time to hire a call center services provider.

Our Benefits

24/7 Customer Coverage

Our call center services will make sure that your customers are never left unattended, even at the oddest of hours.

Consistent service

A dedicated team will deal with your customers with the same script to introduce consistency.

Critical insights

You will get to know flaws and strengths in your product/services and help you understand customer demand.

Customer Satisfaction

An effective call center department will build overall customer satisfaction

Customers feel a sense of loyalty towards your business when their calls are answered patiently, and their queries are solved empathetically.

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