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When you view and interact with a web page, what you see is the finished product of front-end web development. Front-end development, also known as client-side development, is the practice of converting website data into an interface that users can easily view and interact with.
Here at Pixelette Technologies, we take our client’s vision and transform it through our designs, crafting it into an interactive web application using modern design practices. With our professional guidance, years of experience, and a heavy focus on a flawless system, your brand will be ready to meet today’s technology-driven world across all platforms.

Flexible website development that displays across any screen

We utilize responsive website design, which is increasingly important in the age of on-the-go business. Over 50% of all web traffic globally now comes from mobile devices. That’s why accessibility and a consistently high user experience across platforms (desktop, tablet, and mobile) are essential. Users expect to be able to interact easily with your website regardless of the device they are using, and we make it a top priority to provide fluid and cohesive sites that provide a seamless experience across devices.

We utilize a custom, lightweight front-end framework known as Veneer, built with CSS3 and TypeScript (JavaScript ES6). This system enables rapid front-end development and uses modern specs like CSS Grid, a technique that allows designers to easily build complex layouts that work consistently across browsers. Veneer does not add unnecessary bloat to sites in the way that Bootstrap, a common open-source responsive framework, does. It keeps your site lightning-fast and functioning optimally.

A lightweight system that doesn’t trade power for speed

Website accessibility built-in from the get-go

We follow accessibility best practices, using Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), a set of attributes that make web content accessible to those who use assistive technologies such as screen readers and screen enlargement applications. It ensures that everyone can use your site.
Today’s business owners understand the importance of user experience on customer acquisition and retention. Get in touch to discuss how the Pixelette Technologies Design team can create a website that will get you closer to your goals.

Front-developers at Pixelette Technologies work with the client-side of the applications – they code everything a user sees and clicks. Our front-end developers use various programming languages, frameworks, and design tools and create user-facing functionality. Our front-end development team is tech-savvy and creative, and it successfully works with both our designers and back-end developers. Altogether, we focus on user experience, bring a design to life, and deliver robust web applications. The front-end development team of Pixelette Technologies is highly motivated. Our software engineers have strong front-end development expertise and always maintain high coding standards. We are capable of providing the perfect performance and scalability of your web application.
Outsourcing front-end development to our well-versed team means significant cost and time savings, high-quality software, work ahead of schedule, access to top talents, and focus on more essential tasks while our team takes full responsibility for the front-end development process.
We are professional and dedicated. We use all the latest technologies and have specialized skills in design and software development. Hire our best front-end developers for your project and make sure!


Our experienced team of front end developers



Our stellar team will design your website impeccably, making it engaging, intriguing, and innovative through leveraging the power of HTML & CSS.


Pixelette Technologies has world-class in-house web development professionals offering bespoke JQuery coding to create essential functionalities as it presents a great deal of power and flexibility.


Our experienced programmers will ensure to design your website, optimizing speed, flexibility, and efficiency. We create excellent digital platforms to drive growth and channel your business towards success!

React JS Development

ReactJS is renowned for its extensibility, adjustability, and convenience. Pixelette Technologies ReactJS developers create complex software for your business, including web browsers and mobile application user interfaces.

People ignore design that ignores people.

frequently asked questions

Online learning platforms in the web development industry offer course materials at a minimal fee and provide practical training in this field, which is why people seek these services. These courses also cover all the basics of modern HTML/CSS development to structure and design websites, along with study material on JavaScript!  Many people in the industry recommend Edwisor because of its web development courses and its data science courses.

We have a professional and dedicated team of front-end developers at Pixelette technologies. We use all the latest technologies and have specialized skills in design and software development. Hire our best front-end developers for your project!

The newest change in frontend development is the opportunity to build the product faster. Using modern JavaScript frameworks, you can develop the needed set of features and program how they will look for the end-user. Front-end development should go hand-in-hand with back development.

A front-end developer is pretty sought after as their skills are very valuable. Frontend developers develop client-side and carry out the best user interface and experience for everyone, and have to master technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

A business website's front-end development is essential in conveying brand identity to customers. Colours and graphics will help customers to connect the business website with its products. Branding symbols and trademarks are imperative for the look and feel of business websites.





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