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These days everyone is looking for a way to outshine other businesses. But the real question is, how can one do that in an age where all companies have shifted to trade online? Effective communication, as well as online presence, is the key to a successful business. Especially when over 4 billion people are glued to their mobile phones almost all the time, it becomes necessary to look for a way to keep their attention on what you want to sell.

Pixelette Technologies is the place where clients meet their goals spontaneously. Our end goal is to save up your crucial time and deliver that which your business requires. Our marketing crew pays special attention to keep your customers engaged with you at all times.


We start by analyzing your current marketing performance; thereby, we become acquainted with what might be wrong with the way you are going about with your business. We tell you beforehand what changes we would be making to keep your marketing business afloat. We will also keep you informed as to how these modifications to your business will bring about a positive change. Once your business is in our hands, you have to sit back and watch your business outdo its competition.


At this stage, we shall bring our plan to you. Our primary concern at this point will be to make it easier for you to make out what our proposal will envisage. We will take a thorough survey of your crew and brief you about how the technology powered by us will work.


We will keep in touch with you as it is through this way that we will be able to keep track of the progress of your marketing business. It will be in our manifesto to contact you every other week, for we do not want to keep you in the dark about the progress of your work. Effective communication is the key to developing a successful marketing business.

What We do?

Web Design Development

It is necessary for the progress of your business that your website is not only appealing but also keeps your end goals in mind. We, at Pixelette Technologies, make sure that your website looks eye-catching. However, a website that is pleasing to look at is not enough! It needs to pop up in front of your customer as he searches for it. Our experts program your website so that your it is always at the top when searched.

Social Media

It is no secret that social media has taken this world by storm. People use it mainly for entertainment purposes. Its use for online businesses has become an absolute necessity. Pixelette Technologies ensure that your customers stay connected to you through social media. This way, you will not have any trouble with engaging your regular customers and catching the eye of new ones.


Training the staff and helping them make sense of what your business stands for, and enriching them with all the necessary skills is crucial for your business to prosper. Therefore, we find it essential to train your team and encourage them with the skills needed to maintain your business correctly.


Building and securing your brand go hand in hand. As more and more unauthorized websites keep getting taken down, it becomes necessary to play by the rules and set up such a website to stand through the test of time. Protecting your website from cyber-attacks would save you the trouble of maintaining it, or in worst-case scenarios, starting from scratch recreating it.


Advertising your content becomes necessary to catch audiences from different demographics. After all, going about promoting your website is futile if there is no advertising involved. From paid advertisement to display, we make sure that your message is sent across to your targeted audience one way or another.

Graphic Design

There is no one better than a graphic designer that can send your message across better than a graphic designer. We provide you with graphic designing services to keep your audience's attention from straying off of your website.

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Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content marketing are some of the best digital marketing strategies out there.  Search engine marketing is the practice of increasing website traffic by using paid website ads and optimization. Content marketing can be on the front lines when it comes to attracting prospects. It allows your brand to become relevant to the customer, as they are seeking answers to solve problems and builds credibility. Social media helps users discover new content, and can be used to grow your audience by linking to and promoting content from your site.

You can generate leads in digital marketing through these methods: Write blogs, make news announcements, and publish tips within your industry to position yourself as an expert. Lead generation via social media can be powerful, but you have to work diligently to build up an engaged audience and convert them into leads. Email marketing can be an effective tool for marketing to prospects or to upsell existing customers. You must tailor your email marketing strategy so that messages are targeted to specific segments in your customer database.

Today more than ever, it is more crucial than ever before to ensure your marketing strategies keep up with the times so that you don’t get left behind. Because everything and everybody is going digital, you are likely to lose traffic and business to your competitors.

As more businesses move or expand online, the digital market and its importance will grow as well. The Gaming industry is particularly competitive, pushing the boundaries of innovation, marketing, rewards systems, and bonuses to gain and maintain a larger share of the market. Through the integration of technology into marketing, most businesses, if not all, have adopted this measure to remain efficient and effective to their respective target markets. You can reach a larger target audience effectively and measure your results by using the method that is most effective for your business. AI and machine learning practices on top of current digital marketing practices is the future.

Digital marketing has quickly become the most popular and efficient form of marketing for most businesses, as many people are spending more time online than in the real world. Thus, digital marketing is now increasingly important for revenue generation. Businesses reported half of the revenue is generated by social selling. These marketers also believe digital marketing has an advantage over traditional marketing because of the way it allows customers to interact with the business. With inbound marketing, your business can gain full control over the growth of its audience, and see real-time results of each campaign.

Digital marketing encompasses more roles and skills than ever before in marketing, and its flexible, versatile nature is what makes it so fascinating. Digital marketers focus on the following areas during training or during their career: Video/audio production, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile marketing, Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social media, Electronic commerce, Email marketing, Marketing automation, Content management and curation, Copywriting, and Analytics.





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