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Fortify your cyber-security by adding layers of defense tools to shut down any kind of cyber-attacks

Allow us to design an impenetrable fortress of cyber-security for your organization.

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As hacking and cyber-crime tactics evolve, the strategies and products that are meant to stop them need to be upgraded as well. No organization can be safe with just one layer of security and they need to have multiple strategies and tools at their disposal in order to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of cyber-crime activity.  This is where we come in, our goal is going to be to figure out just what tools your organizations’ cyber-security framework requires. A multi-layered approach to cyber-security is just what you need.

We’ll run red team/ blue team strategies to find out any gaps in your security framework

A red team/blue team simulation is a process in which one team of cyber-security officials act as an adversary, they employ real-life hacking tactics in order to penetrate an organization’s cyber-security framework and to figure out the potential vulnerabilities in that organization’s cyber defense. The company’s data and technology security will be put to the test. The red team of cyber-security officials will use various social engineering and hacking tactics to gain initial entry into the company’s security networks and then gradually expand their access. On the opposing side will be our blue team, which will consist of incident response and IT specialists that will work on protecting the organization’s network against the red team’s attacks while focusing on minimization of the collateral damage. By running these simulations and other such diagnostics, we will be able to test and eventually upgrade your cyber-security framework in a low-stakes environment.

GRC is an approach to business practices that employ various tools to make sure that the organization is working in a sustainable manner. These measures are used to gauge whether an organization is in compliance with government regulations and whether they are exposed to undue risk. All these various tools come together to effectively manage a large organization and its security while minimizing the risk that it may be exposed to. Businesses need to follow these practices in order to function sustainably. Let us design an effective GRC strategy for you, so that you never have to worry again.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

Our Benefits

All cyber-security vulnerabilities are highlighted

By running simulations like the red team/blue team strategy, all the possible vulnerabilities in your security framework are highlighted.

Multiple layers of defense against attacks

Multiple layers of security tools are put into place so that an organizations’ operations system is never entirely exposed in case of attacks.

An integrated approach to risk management

The in-depth defense counseling approach ensures that the management of risks and threats is planned according to a business’s needs.

Costs related to risk-management are minimized

When adequate measures are put into place in case of a cyber-attack, resources do not have to be wasted in order to effectively secure your networks.

Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT.

frequently asked questions

Some of the most deadliest types of cyberattacks are malware, trojan horse, phishing, SQL injection and XXS. These types of cyber attacks are infected into your system with harmful intent.

Cognitive security uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect threats modeled on human thought processes in order to protect physical and digital systems.





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